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Fear stops us from doing so many things in life so it’s hardly surprising that it could be what’s stopping you from booking an empowering boudoir photoshoot.

For example, are you afraid of any of these things?

Parachute jumping, fairground rides, going for job interviews, moving house, wearing colours, trying new foods, visiting new places, driving on motorways, speaking in public, mingling in parties, balancing bank statements, visiting the dentist, travelling in lifts, flying.

We all have fears. You could probably add your own to the list above and I’ll bet that your fear will be absolutely nothing to someone else.

Fear is what stops us achieving so much in life. I know someone who hated driving on the motorway so much that she would only take A roads and it would often add hours to her journey. Overcoming this fear would not only save time but would perhaps change her life choices, such as what jobs she would accept depending on her daily commute.

Overcoming our fears can often make us feel stronger, more confident and more fulfilled. Parachute jumpers speak of the ‘adrenaline rush’ and the amazing sense of achievement. Similarly, appearing on stage in front of a live audience for the first time or the first time you ride a horse or a motorbike. Our clients who have a boudoir photoshoot with us often talk about the ‘rush’ of confidence it gives them.

Obviously, some fears are more easy to overcome that others but everyone is different. We rationalise the dangers in our heads. Me personally, I would never jump out of a plane. (Perhaps I would when I was younger. Fear often increases as we get older) I would, however, be the one to make jokes when stuck in a lift. (So don’t get stuck with me if you’re claustrophobic)

Having a Boudoir Photoshoot is a more common fear than you might imagine. After all, it’s quite scary to take your clothes off in front of strangers isn’t it?

Yet why is it so scary?

Are we scared we might not look good in the pictures? Worried you might not pose right or meet society’s definition of ‘beautiful’? Are you embarrassed about your size, shape or age?

Well, let us say this…

It’s fear that’s stopping you from celebrating how wonderful you really are. We truly believe that everyone is beautiful and sometimes it takes a little bit of coaching to let you see yourself in a whole new light. That’s really what having a Madison Bou boudoir photoshoot experience is all about.

We have been photographing women of all shapes and sizes for many years. We’ve learned how to create a comfortable and safe environment which will allow you to start building the confidence you’ll need to really shine in your pictures.

We all have insecurities and, perhaps surprisingly, those women who appear to be what society would label as ‘beautiful’ are the ones with the most insecurities of all. Strange but true.

We will work with you, within your personal comfort level, and we will create the most beautiful pictures of you that you have ever seen. It’s what we do and what we have done for hundreds of women over many years.

Really, the hardest part to overcoming your fear of having a boudoir photoshoot is booking the date. Once you’ve done that you’re in safe hands and the rest will not only be easy but will also be one of the most fun experiences of your life.

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