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As one of the top boudoir photographers in Yorkshire , Madison Bou has been photographing the art of boudoir for nearly 20 years. Whilst many studios photograph to a formula, the secret to our longevity is variety. We treat every client as if she is the only person that matters to us. In fact, we pride ourselves on the fact that you will never see another client waiting their turn. Generally, we only schedule one photoshoot per day so we can focus entirely on you and not have to clock watch. If you need a lunch break during the session, you can have one. If you’re a little more nervous about being photographed we understand you may need a little more coaching to get you to look relaxed on camera. Every client is different and whilst some are the ‘throw off their clothes and jump in the deep end’ types, others are much slower to become confident enough to even take off their coats.

A Madison Bou Boudoir Experience can be anything you want it to be.

It can be simple and sensual, sophisticated and demure or wildly sexy!

We will talk to you at length about the look you most want to get from your session to ensure you walk away with the most stunning images of yourself. If you have absolutely no idea how you want to look then that’s ok too. We can guide you and help you with everything.

Our main aim when photographing you is to help you find your true feminine power. We always say that an experience like this is uniquely empowering.

We believe that women should embrace their sensuality and not be ashamed of it.

We are all sexual beings or we wouldn’t be here.

We often forget this. Over time, perhaps after years of looking after the kids and feeling like a second class citizen in our own homes. As we get older, we often feel less sexy, less worthwhile, less important. Actually, the reverse is true. As we get older, we really become more important and more worthwhile and we often need to be shown this by someone else.

There is so much healthy power in feeling confident in your body. (Gok Wan has made an entire career out of teaching this)

Often women book a Madison Bou Photoshoot with the intention of giving their finished pictures as a gift to their significant other but then realise that, actually, the true power of these pictures is the boost it gives to their own confidence. A Boudoir style photoshoot such as this is the best gift anyone could give themselves.

It really can boost your confidence and show you just how amazing you truly are.

We know just how confident you’ll feel immediately after your day with us.

A week or so later, when you return to see all your finished images, that wonderful feeling of confidence will be enhanced even more.

You’ll have a wide range of images to choose from and then you can display how you want to show them off.

So many of our clients never expect to want to show their pictures at all but end up wanting large pieces of wall art to show off to everybody. That’s how proud of them they are and that kind of confidence in yourself is what we specialise in at Madison Bou.

Why not find out just how good this will make you feel by signing up to our short series of emails below?

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