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The top 5 excuses to not having a Madison Bou Experience

… and how to overcome them.

1. “I need to lose weight first”

Well darling, don’t we all!

But I can do so much more with lighting, angles, posing and your choice of lingerie than you can do slogging it out at the gym in six months. Actually, a photoshoot with us can often feel like a workout but the results are always amazing. No matter what you feel about your body shape we will show you just how beautiful you really are.

2.”I don’t know how to pose”

Thankfully, we do. We’ve been doing this for many years and we will pose you to within an inch of your life. We’ll adjust every finger and every angle until it’s perfect and pretty soon you’ll be doing it all completely naturally as if you’ve been a model all your life.

3. “I haven’t got a thing to wear”

No problem. As soon as you book your session you’ll receive our ‘What to wear’ guide which is packed with advice on which type of lingerie suits which body types. We recommend things that work really well on almost everyone that you wouldn’t ordinarily think of, such as a man’s crisp, white shirt, baggy jumpers, knee high socks and hats. Also we recommend that you bring something that you ordinarily wouldn’t consider because by the end of the shoot you’ll be feeling so confident that you’ll kick yourself if you don’t!

4. “I take rubbish pictures!”

Then thank goodness we’re the ones taking them.

Almost everyone comes with this fear and we go to great lengths to relax you during the initial conversation and then the hair and make-up, which is so much fun, and then during the first stages of the photoshoot experience itself. After ten minutes or so, you’ll be completely at ease in front of our camera.

5. “I’m really really nervous”

Guess what? You’re not the only one to have told us this. Almost every single person coming to us for the first time is nervous. After all, you’ll probably be coming right out of your comfort zone. We’ve spent many years photographing so many different women that we’ve learned the skills needed to make you feel completely relaxed in a very short time.

These are the top 5 excuses but there are more… Remember – No one ever feels ‘ready’ to do this.

The only thing that you’ll be thinking at the end of the shoot is “why didn’t I do it SOONER!”

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