Nov 27, 2020


Are you curious about implied nudity?

OMG…Is she actually naked?

Would I have to get naked?

Could I even?!

…. Hold that thought for a moment.

Guess what, 99.9% of our clients are scared of the thought of posing naked in front of a camera. In fact, just the idea of posing in front of a camera with clothes on fills them with dread. Many of our clients come to us after years of covering up their mummy tummies and have lost their mojo through the daily hum drum of everyday life. To regain some of that joie de vivre they turn to the idea of a confidence building boudoir style photoshoot.

So many women relax after a few fun minutes into the experience that they soon start taking clothes off with gay abandon. We then become the nervous ones as we have to try and encourage clients to stay covered up when they walk into public areas of the Hotel for fear of shocking the guests!!

Some of our clients end up completely naked and find the experience so empowering. However, many clients prefer to stay covered but would like to imply a little nudity and part of the power of a Madison Bou boudoir experience is that you can bare it all without shedding a thread.

Some material here, a bedsheet there, some clever posing and everything is done so tastefully, no one would ever know. You may look like you’re naked, but everything is covered. Covered by hands, arms, soap suds, sheer materials, great posing, masterful cropping, lighting  and camera angles and of course lots of confident smiles…

Implied or fine art nudity is a fabulous way to show your unique brand of femininity and power and a wonderfully exciting way to grow in confidence.

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