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Thanks again for tonight. It was amazing for me to see myself through someone else’s perspective like that. A real eye opener. Can’t wait for Luke to see them, very excited as you made me look and feel a million dollars so I can’t thank you enough! xx


DOES MY BUM LOOK BIG IN THIS? (The secrets to sexy boudoir photography )

Cue the laughter!

Yet it’s not funny is it?

We really are concerned about our derrieres. This is one of THE most concerning parts of our bodies. (Well, bums and tums, and thighs, and chins and bingo wings and eye bags and fat ankles and…. well, anyway, back to bums )

Every bum looks good in a sexy boudoir photography shoot with Madison Bou. That’s our guarantee!

That’s right.

Every bum

One of our must-have shots is an epic bum shot. It’s what every woman wants from their Yorkshire boudoir photoshoot.

To make sure we get an epic bum shot, a couple of things need to happen.

A good pose and most importantly, flattering underwear.

Flattering underwear is all about the fit. It’s often better to have underwear that is a little too big because with the right posing, no one will notice and, every bum looks a little better with a little ‘wedgie’. Don’t laugh, it’s true. A little ‘wedgie’ lets the cheeks out a little for perfect curves.

Here’s another thing that surprises a lot of people. When shopping for the right underwear try to avoid thin straps. Thongs, and g-strings are not the best options for most shots unless you have the perfect body. For most women,.. the best options for sexy boudoir photography offer full or almost full coverage of the derriere.

Underwear with full bum coverage is the most flattering on all body types and make your bum look amazing. Leaving a little to the imagination can be incredibly sexy and underwear like the ones in the pictures above show this.

Now you have a much better idea of what’s going to make your bum look fantastic.

Worried about your tan lines?

No problem. After lighting and posing, retouching is used for the perfect finish. We use subtle photoshop to correct skin texture and uneven skin color.

Posing is key to a great Booty

It’s all about creating an “S-curve”. This is the undulating curve that defines the female form… or to enhance what’s already there.

When getting into certain poses and guiding the subject, the aim is to make you look as curvy and sinewy as possible.

Sometimes it’s not just about making the booty look bigger, but rather making it appear more defined. In other words, moving the body such that it gives it more shape and contour.

The key to sexy boudoir photography is a bootylicious bum!