The fine art of Boudoir Photography



Some women want to give a fun and sexy present to their significant other, either for a birthday, anniversary or perhaps as a wedding gift. Others use boudoir gifts to help add a special spark to their relationship.

Some women choose to do a Boudoir Session as a gift for themselves or to celebrate a milestone! We even have clients who make it an annual birthday celebration.

Regardless of the reason you get them, your photos (and the entire Madison Bou experience) will most definitely be treasured for the rest of your lifetime.

A Madison Bou Experience is an exploration of your sensuality and vulnerability in front of the camera that most women have never experienced before.

We recommend you try to put aside your everyday persona and allow your inner vixen to come out and play!

Induge yourself in your most exquisite lingerie.

Perhaps you could invest in something of real quality from the likes of  HONEY BIRDETTE (Victoria Gate, leeds) or AGENT PROVOCATEUR. for the more budget conscious, check out the Body stockings and playsuits in ANN SUMMERS

Dare to Bare? Think big pearls, hats and boas for peek a boo.

We’ll always work with you to create exactly the pictures you’re looking for.

Keep in mind though, we will always work to your personal comfort levels. If you decide you want to just wear dresses, that’s perfectly fine. Jeans and T’s? Perfectly fine. If you want to try lingerie, or go fully nude on your shoot, it’s again, totally up to you.

More likely than not, you’ll arrive with the same anxieties about your body as everyone else and start off wearing more, rather than less. After an hour or so in hair and make-up and getting to know us a little, you’ll start to feel more and more relaxed. After 10 minutes or so on your photoshoot and seeing the results on the back of our camera, you’ll probably start walking around the Hotel with far less clothing than you’d expect. Much of the time, we’re the ones begging you to put your clothes back on for fear of shocking the Hotel residents!!!

This is the most surprising thing about this whole experience. No matter how reserved you think you are when you arrive, the photoshoot will seem to give you a superpower confidence you never knew you had. You’ll start to become more liberated and free than ever before. Like rediscovering your lost party going youth and energy. Even better, that inner confidence will remain whenever you look at your pictures, often for years to come. That’s the power of a great boudoir photoshoot experience.

Isn’t it surprising how we become so much more body conscious as we get older?

In our 20s, many of us had such fabulous bodies that we didn’t mind showing them off. Bikinis on the beach at every opportunity.

When we have kids, we lose a little of our self dignity since it seems like every doctor and nurse on the ward has had an intimate encounter with our privates. Our bodies become less sexualised and more about mothering and often our whole attitude to our bodies changes at that point. Many years can pass as we learn to grow as a mother and of course during this time our bodies change dramatically. That bikini body becomes harder and harder to achieve.

The result of all this is that we become so much more body conscious as we get older and we lose confidence in our looks. It’s rare that we meet women in their 40s or 50s who are body confident.

Yet it is possible to regain that confidence. It is possible to learn to appreciate the bodies we have. So many of our clients come to us to rediscover that lost confidence and then find that a Madison Bou Boudoir Experience to be totally liberating and powerful that they come back time and time again. They gain confidence from looking at themselves through our camera and seeing for themselves just how beautiful they really are.

This is why we love what we do. Every woman should do this at least once.