I had the Photoshoot and enjoyed every minute. The setting was beautiful and the pictures were beautiful and made me feel a lot better about myself as I’ve always been conscious about my body. I had such a great experience and would love to do it again.


Have you ever had one of those days where you say to your partner “Wow, have you been working out, your stomach looks so flat” and they say “What this beer belly?”  and then they say “Your hair looks so good” and you say “you kidding, I haven’t washed it in three days”

and the conversation continues where each of you is trying to prove that you are the less attractive one because it’s easier and it feels harder to big yourself up.

What we see happen though, is that when a client comes in for a session and has hair and makeup done and then sees a few shots on the back of the camera, it takes away that negative voice. It’s no longer “I’m not skinny enough” or “I’m not pretty enough” – For the first time in forever, you start to see yourself as your friends see you or as your partner sees you and to be able to show that to you is, for us, one of the most incredible things.



Have a think. What do you love about yourself?

It’s rare that we meet a woman who is truly happy with herself. Someone who is totally comfortable in their own skin, and yet, so many women think they’re the only ones with these kinds of insecurities.

They arrive thinking that the women shown on our website must have so much body confidence to look the way they do. Yet, almost all women have the similar insecurities.

We are surrounded by pictures of flawless skin, perfect bums and breasts, flat stomachs …. Is it any wonder we suffer so many insecurities.  How on earth can we compete?

How ironic that in a world surrounded by digital cameras and selfies on social media, that so many of us are terrified of being photographed.

This is one of the most flabbergasting things about what we do at Madison Bou.

We worry so much that we might see the things we don’t like about ourselves that many of us hide behind bizarre cartoony filters on Snapchat and Instagram and the like.

We worry about the ‘wobbly bits’ – about that ‘extra few pounds’.

Everything is ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’

Like the bride on ‘Say Yes to The Dress’ who tries on 100 wedding dresses and has no clue what she wants, we have all become a little like that when it comes to pictures of ourselves.

It’s like a modern illness.

We say STOP!

Don’t listen to the negative stuff in your head.

Try and focus on the good stuff.

With every client who comes to us we ask “What do you love about yourself?”

This is really hard to answer. Most women can list a long string of ‘don’t likes’ but find it difficult to think of one thing they do like.

Yet, if you focus on the good stuff, the pictures of you will be better. More natural. You’ll see more relaxed looks and smiles, you’ll look more radiant, more positive.

So, let’s ask again –  what is it you love about yourself?

Your nose? Lips? Your eyes? Hair?

Let us focus on the positive things.

Just by doing this, your pictures will be elevated to a new level.

A photoshoot like this is all about psychology and increasing confidence by building trust. We’ll teach you to “smile with your eyes” and radiate.

We’ll show you how to look strong and powerful or tender and vulnerable, whichever is more ‘you’ and the pictures will look so much better because you will look the best you’ve ever looked.

Genuinely it’s a remarkable transformation. If we can help you feel confident on the inside you will look sensational on the outside. This is what we do.

You see, contrary to popular belief, only a small part of what we do is the technicality of photography.

Of course we need to understand lighting and exposure. We need to know how to shape light and create flattering pictures, but really the psychology of what we do is far more important than the skill of photography.

We need to love communicating with people, we need to be able to listen to our clients’ stories and relate or at least empathise with them.

Our kind of photography is about human connection and the result will be pictures of you that you will fall in love with.