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People come to us all the time and ask for the digitals.

Many ask for just the digitals.

I think it’s because many people believe that the digitals should be cheaper. After all, with no books, frames or print costs, it’s understandable that people will expect digitals to be cheaper isn’t it? 

Here’s the thing…

A pot of Dulux Matt Emulsion costs about £15.

Is that how much it costs to paint your house or would you expect to pay the painter and decorator?

A monkey Wrench can be purchased for about a tenner so would you expect that to be the cost of sorting out your plumbing or would you expect to pay the Plumber?

We all have digital cameras these days and we know it’s basically free to take pictures and load them onto social media or our computers.

It’s also basically free to hack away at your plumbing with a diy manual in your hand or paint your house with cheap paint (Because your hours of time are basically free aren’t they?…. Tell your boss that and watch the smile ) 

You see, there is a skill set involved with all these things and photography is one of them. 

Oh if all that was needed to paint a house was a pot of paint.

If all that was needed to install a bathroom was a monkey wrench.

If all that was needed to take great pictures was a digital camera… Then there would be no need to ever hire a professional.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

There are always those who want to do it themselves and save money.

There are some photographers who are grateful for any work they get and give their digitals away cheaply to try and compete in a busy market.

… When I was starting out, 20 years ago, I was also grateful for every penny people would give me. Now, my work has improved and things are different.

When you buy digitals from Madison Bou you’re paying for the lighting, the posing, the hair and make-up and the use of Hazlewood Castle. You’re paying for a service that doesn’t come cheaply and has been earned over 20 years. You’re paying for images which are totally unique. They have a style which is unique to the studio. Of course, you may not like the style in which case we are not the studio for you. But if you love the fact that you look so good in our pictures. You don’t look fat, or awkward, or the way you normally look when a friend photographs you.

If you feel good when you look at your Madison Bou pictures even though you thought you were un-photogenic.

This is no accident. It’s what you pay us for. The pictures of you looking amazing!

Whether your amazing pictures are printed on paper or given to you on a stick, it’s the work involved in making them look amazing that you’re paying for, not the raw material cost. 

The Before / After pictures in the gallery above will show you just what you’re paying for.

Many established studios don’t offer digitals at all. They know that to do so and allow clients to print as many prints as they like at whatever size they like will kill off their sales. More importantly, you’re losing out on professionally finished, archival products that will last for many decades. Far longer than cheap domestic prints will last. That is, if you get round to printing them out at all. For most of us, life gets in the way.

The digital stick will last as long as the technology lasts. iPhones are 11 years and counting, facebook and instagram will one day vanish (just like everything else before it. Unfortunately it’s inevitable) USB sticks are already a largely redundant technology. One day all your stored digitals will be like all that lovely music on your old cassettes. (Who can play their cassettes now?) 

Oh and no one ever said…. “That usb stick looks amazing on the wall” 

Our digitals cost £999

I bet you’ll not get to read the small print below…

With a product such as Folio Box of archival matted prints or a stunning book full of amazing pictures, laminated and sealed and guaranteed for 99 years, the digitals cost a £350 upgrade cost. The book or the folio box and the digitals cost less than the digitals alone!

Hang on, did you read that correctly?

The book or the folio box and the digitals cost less than the digitals alone!