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So you’re considering a Madison Bou Experience Photoshoot but you’re thinking one or more of the following thoughts…

• I need to lose 10 pounds first

• I can’t afford this

• I don’t have a significant other to give these photos to

• I don’t know how to look sexy

• I’ll never look as good as the girls on your website


We want you to say to yourself, “I’m perfectly imperfect.”

Lose 10 pounds if it makes you feel better for your health but please don’t think that it will make your pictures better. We will make you look amazing no matter what your body shape. In fact, having a Madison Bou Experience at your ‘curvey’ best will show you just how beautiful you really are. The pictures will fill you with confidence and empower you to move on with enjoying your life.

Can’t afford it? Really? Remember an investment in an experience like this will last a lifetime. A book of images from your photoshoot is guaranteed to last 99 years. Perfect condition. timeless memories. For the rest of your life. How long did last years holiday tan last? In fact, can you even remember where you went on holiday five years ago.

Many women have a glamorous photoshoot to give as a present for their significant other. That’s true. Yet the vast majority of our clients come to us for themselves. These type of shoots are all about confidence and empowerment. Do it for him if you want to but definitely do it for you because you’re worth it.

You will look sexy. You will look as good as any of the girls on our website. This is the guarantee we give you. no matter how bad you think you are in front of the camera, we have the experience to make you look amazing.

Remember – you are perfect just the way you are. You are ‘perfectly imperfect’

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