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What is the lamest excuse we hear from clients before they book a photoshoot with us?

“I need to lose 10lbs before I do a boudoir photoshoot”

Honestly, if we’ve heard that once, we’ve heard it a million times, and guess what?

It’s a poor excuse.

Honestly, a Boudoir Photo shoot experience is something you should embrace at whatever stage you feel your body is at. It really is the most wonderful, confidence-building experience for any women, regardless of how they think they look.

We spend a lot of time helping women to become accepting of their own bodies. This feeling of newfound self-confidence can be totally life-changing.

You’ve heard the saying, ‘beauty comes from within’?

Well it’s true and we can prove it.

The journey towards accepting your beauty from within is essential to accepting your beauty on the outside. After a Madison Bou Boudoir Experience, your new-found confidence and body image will enhance your life in so many ways. It will make you feel better at work, amongst friends and family, around your partner… Really, it can be this powerful.


Over the years we have seen countless women with supermodel bodies be the most self-critical of their looks.

They often think they’re ‘fat’ and ‘unattractive’ because they have no love for themselves and you know what? There is nothing less attractive than someone who doesn’t love themselves.

Yet, invest the time to learn to love and accept yourself and watch that confidence become a magnet for others.

Self-confidence is a super aphrodisiac.

The best way to gain confidence is by learning to accept yourself as you are now. (Gok Wan made a career out of this idea )

Look in the mirror every day and say something kind.


Look at the picture above.

Do you think the person in the unretouched photo isn’t worthy of feeling good about herself?

Is she less worthy of feeling empowered in her body and her sexuality because she has no make-up on?

Of course not.

So why should you feel like YOU aren’t worthy?

When we photograph any woman for a Madison Bou Photoshoot we make sure we give you an amazing hair and make-up experience and then we carefully consider lighting and posing. We make sure you’re relaxed in front of the camera so you feel fabulous and that will help you to look fabulous.

After the shoot, we use retouching techniques to smooth out body lines and enhance highlights and shadows to put the focus on your gorgeous features.

We don’t change you. We don’t airbrush skin, we simply remove little imperfections. We don’t over enhance, we simply make you look your very best, on your best day.

Stop telling yourself that you need to ‘lose weight’ or that you ‘don’t take a good picture’ and enjoy an experience like this which will allow you to see your true beauty, femininity and sensuality.

You deserve this experience, just as you are, right now. All you have to do is have the courage to try a Yorkshire Boudoir Photoshoot Experience.