GLAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM! (Yorkshire Glamour Photographers )

It’s was a great day. Hair and make up well done and nicely relaxing. Shoot felt real. Hard work at times but that produced beautiful shots that weren’t over-edited. I went max on outfits 😂 which resulted in amazing photos I struggled to choose between.


How do YOU glam up?

Do you never go out of the house without a full face on?

Maybe you never get the chance to glam up at all. The kids suck every iota of energy out of you.

Maybe you feel that nothing you wear looks good on you so you default to layers and black because it’s the safe option.

You see, everyone’s different and we photograph every type of woman of any age and body shape.

Wherever you are in your life journey, we’re here for you.

We like to call what we do – MODERN GLAMOUR

Totally unlike the ‘glamour photography’ of yesteryear. A million miles away from the old Page 3.

Our brand of Modern Glamour is Fashion magazine Style Beauty.

Stunning hair and Make-up, beautiful dresses and clothes. Fully styled around you and you alone.

We aim to enhance your natural beauty and ensure your best assets pop!

If you fancy going large on the Glam, Jayne has spent two decades traveling and working on dance stages around the world. – Including stages like Moulin Rouge in Paris, stages in Tokyo and Vienna.

She will help style you from top to bottom. You’ll have plenty of tuition well before you even arrive at the studio on the day of your photoshoot. Jayne will talk outfits at length and send you a unique style guide packed with ideas.

This is ALL ABOUT YOU  so you’ll wear whatever works for you and to a comfort level that suits you.

And after your day at Hazlewood Castle, your fabulously sexy  photographs will empower you for a lifetime!


Trying to figure out if you want to do a boudoir photography session or a glamour portrait session?  Not sure which is which?

The dividing line between glamour and boudoir is quite subjective but in a nutshell , Glamour is more focused on hair and make-up, beauty and beautiful dresses. Think of the front page of Vogue or Vanity Fair. Imagine wearing your favourite ‘going out’ dresses in a beautiful Hazlewood Castle State Room with Chesterfields, open log fires and antique furniture. These are timeless portraits with lots of eye contact and connection with the camera. All of our clients get some modern glamour portraits and wearing your favourite outfits are a perfect way to get comfortable in front of the camera.

Many clients ask to try a little boudoir. (Some clients dive right in and want lots of boudoir, but, in truth, the majority want to dip their toe in the water before diving right in )

For us, Boudoir photography doesn’t just mean that you are in your underwear.  It’s an approach to creating a range of portraits that is more personal, more sensual, more evocative, more mysterious and more alluring than a typical portrait session.

All our photoshoot experiences include professional make-up, hair styling and magazine-quality retouching, but they are there to enhance what you already have, not transform you into something unrealistic.

So our photoshoots really do work to make you feel better about the REAL YOU

We are Yorkshire Glamour photographers and we would love to glam you up for the day. x