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I wanted to give husband a great wedding present. Plus needed a boost at 52 after starting work surrounded by beautiful young girls.

This is a must have experience. All at Madison Bou made me feel special and my own independent person. What a boost at 52. - Cassie

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the fabulous job you did making me feel like a true beautiful person that I am. My confidence now, after this experience, is so much more amazing. No more do I walk down the street with my head down low. It’s now held high and I own that pavement! Thank you again. You are fantastic! - Faye

I can’t even begin to express how good my shoot was… I don’t just mean the quality of the pictures. .. or the careful angles … lighting .. make up… styling and positioning. .. I mean the way they make you feel. .. from the minute you enter… thru to the after care … I massively struggle with body image and I felt beautiful… valued… empowered.. its a cliché I know. .. but I think it has begun to change me… how I see myself. .. and how I value myself. - Ellie

The day was great I was put at ease straight away. It was lovely to be pampered and I was made to feel at ease. It is a big thing as a woman to be parading around in your scanties however it is a very empowering experience and I would recommend it to any woman. - Lucy

Just wanted to thank you for the photoshoot and the amazing pictures. Still can’t believe it’s me, hah! From the moment I phoned to book I received excellent service. I didn’t know what to expect as one I had done with a previous company was full of other people and the make up was done on a conveyor belt system! I was pleasantly surprised when I turned up and realised that there was just me here so I knew I would receive the best service. The hair and make-up artist was brilliant and she did a great job on my make-up. Flawless finish. As soon as I put on my first outfit I was made to feel at ease. Dave made me feel natural even though there was a camera in front of me! I then went back to choose the photos and all I can say is WOW! I was really impressed with the quality and how amazing I looked. Gave me a real confidence boost! I would like to say a massive thank you and I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Thanks guys xx - Andrea

Thanks again for tonight. It was amazing for me to see myself through someone else’s perspective like that. A real eye opener. Can’t wait for Luke to see them, very excited as you made me look and feel a million dollars so I can’t thank you enough! xx - Claire

I had an amazing time. Make up with Hayley was fab and I felt really comfortable. I felt at ease on the photoshoot as Dave was really good and the direction was excellent. Would recommend to everyone. A fantastic experience, thank you so much xx - Catherine

It’s a testament t your hard work with me that they came out as they did. Plus it was a fun day and if sharing my experience can encourage others to do it then I’m more than happy. - Stacey

Thank you for giving me the amazing opportunity at Hazelwood Castle. It was an experience that has helped me so much with my self esteem following major Cancer surgery to my head and neck, you truly made me feel special, and worth it. You made me look and feel like me again. Since my photos, unfortunately my diagnosis has deteriorated but I have the most fantastic memories of that day and the pictures I have are perfect memories for my family. I would recommend this experience to every woman. I had done other shoots in the past however Dave and his team are the most amazing professional and fun people, outstanding and put other experiences to shame. You are not a production line, you are not a standard photo, your not having the same pictures in the same poses everyone else has, they capture you and tell a story. - Sarah

If you’re thinking of doing anything like this then look no further than Dave and his team! Professional, kind and patient, and makes you feel fabulous! - It’s all worth paying for because they are beautiful and actually make me feel so good about myself. Thank you again for making me feel like this.- Kirsty

I loved my experience for my 40th birthday last year, the day was relaxed with great customer care right from the word go. My hair and makeup was super this was done to my description of how I wanted to look being a more natural lady, in the past many make up artists I find tend to apply heavy clown make up to which I didn’t want so this was good I was listened to . Dave was just so professional with the photo shoot making it fun and relaxed. Turning 40 for me was a decision of either Botox or a photoshoot, I decided to stay natural and let the camera do the work. The photos were beautiful and I will be back for more highly recommended . Thanks again - Rebecca

I would like to thank you both for an experience of a lifetime. You made me feel that extra bit special that gave me confidence - Jackie

Can’t thank Dave enough for doing my boudoir photoshoot yesterday. The last 8 years have been such a struggle for me, I’m my own worst enemy and just completely lost my self confidence. Within half an hour of being in Dave’s company he made me feel so at ease his just such a lovely gentleman. I truly enjoyed my experience it made me feel empowered & actual like what was looking back at me in the mirror. Just for one day I wanted to feel the way my husband sees me and that I certainly did I think every woman needs to have a shoot done like this.

Also a huge thank you to Kim the makeup artist she was truly amazing she made me look & feel like a million dollars. - Tracey

It’s was a great day. Hair and make up well done and nicely relaxing. Shoot felt real. Hard work at times but that produced beautiful shots that weren’t over-edited. I went max on outfits 😂 which resulted in amazing photos I struggled to choose between. - Amanda

Absolutely loved the shoot. Shareen and Dave were amazing, really fun and put me at ease enough to just be myself. I love the fact that no on else will have the same photographs, I’ve been to other photo shoots that felt very staged and I imagine everyone comes out with the same kind of pictures. I would definitely recommend Madison Bou to family and friends. - Sarah

Dave and his team really went above and beyond to make our day excellent. He was able to work around my wife’s medical conditions without any issues, and even helped turn them into the focal point of a few photos.

The whole team made it a calm and reassuring experience, and really got the best shots possible. The castle grounds are amazing, and make for some excellent views.

We’ve loved the results! - Emily

As a person born with spina bifida I was concerned how I might look. I am confident in myself but try always to hide whats not perfect. I was pictured standing and sitting where you can see I’m different but I am comfortable with this, I am different and I did this to embrace this. The pictures including full length and some that showed parts of my body I would normally cover were beautiful. - Amanda

I was feeling lost in myself amongst the many roles I play out in life, mum, step mum, wife, daughter, sister… I needed something to kick start my self confidence, to find ‘me’ again, to remind me who I can be. I also wanted something to help create a positive body image in my own mind, something I’ve struggled with my whole life. Prove I can be a ‘lady’ and look a little glamorous. - Lynne

Had a fantastic day with Shareen and Dave at Hazelwood Castle – what a fantastic setting for a shoot! My two friends came along too for moral support and we all had such a laugh. Shareen is fab! Very friendly, bubbly and put me at ease straight away.

Dave made me feel really comfortable throughout the shoot and we worked through my Pinterest board to achieve the results I wanted – A tip for your shoot use Pinterest to pull ideas together of what you like it made my experience so much better as I felt we were working towards how I wanted to look. Great way to work. And my photos exceeded my expectations, they are stunning so happy with the end result. So ladies if you're thinking of booking a shoot and are nervous to take the plunge - Do it! You'll love it! You go girls and enjoy. - Mandy

I felt at ease when I arrived and I never once felt uncomfortable this is why I am bringing my husband along for him to experience it for himself - Jennie

After loosing weight I was advised to go and have my picture taken so I could see how I looked. I’ve always been the person taking the pics and only had a few photos of myself since my 2 children. The team made me so relaxed and they did my hair and makeup perfect. Just the look I wanted. I am so happy with my pictures and I’m planning to return when I have my tattoos finished. Thank you for a massive confidence boost. You made me feel beautiful for the first time since I was 18. - Andrea

I’ve wanted to take part in this kind of photoshoot for a while because I wanted to put myself outside of my comfort zone and push the boundaries of what I’m willing and comfortable doing.
I was really surprised by the relaxed and humorous atmosphere Dave and Shareen have created during the shoot and by how at ease I felt throughout. I expected myself to be reserved and shy, but found myself not caring about anything and anybody around me as I threw layers of clothing off without embarrassment. The whole thing felt like a fun time with a camera merely involved on the side.
It was with some worry that I returned to the studio to see the photos and pick which ones will go into my album, but what I saw on the screen completely exceeded my expectations. It was as if I was looking at someone else entirely. The result is a fantastic memory and the beautifully finished album is a great keepsake to remember it by.
I would recommend this to any woman who has lost confidence in her beauty or attractiveness and anyone who wants to have fun posing in front of a camera, but definitely to everyone who wishes to keep great memories in a gorgeous piece of art.
Thank you Dave & Shareen x Beata

Could not have dreamt of a better experience. I was quite nervous but you were billiant. They even changed my daughter’s nappy half way through the shoot! Ultimate professionals xxx - Anna

OMG What an amazing afternoon! Thank you all you are all really great. My confidence and self esteem is very high right now. - Anyse

I had a lovely day with Jane and Dave ,made to feel very comfortable and are both very friendly although I didn’t realise that posing was so hard, seeing the end result was great !!! beautiful photos and a lovely studio . Thanks guys XX … Frances

Had a fab time at my shoot and absolutely love my art work, I would certainly recommend anyone wanting to create timeless memories with this team and wish them all the success they deserve in the industry
Thanks guys! xx - Sonia

I absolutely loved the experience, and would recommend it to anyone, and the results… well, you made me look fabulous, for an over the hill, 40 something!! - Michelle

This photo shoot made me feel amazing! The photos are absolutely gorgeous. Very professional and friendly service, thank you xx - Jenna

Had the greatest day. They even picked me and all my stuff from the train station. Made me feel great. Just wish I could have done an outdoor session as well. Would tell everyone to go - Deborah

I’d be honoured if you used my pictures. I’m really glad you like them as much as I do! I had a great experience so there’s a good chance I’ll come back - Stacey

Had a great time. Make Up and hair was amazing! I felt a million dollars. The photoshoot was down to earth and you are made to feel comfortable from the moment you meet the team. Would definately recommend this and it’s a fantastic ego boost. - Kelly

Thank you, I had a fantastic day! Make up so amazing and colourful. In fact, very warm atmosphere and friendly service. Enjoyed every moment and have the best memories! - Jovi

Best experience of my life. Had an amazing time. Would highly recommend. Thank you so much guys xxx - Samantha

Massive boost for my confidence. Photos brilliant, service even better and was made t feel very comfortable. I’m not used to a camera pointing at me, I’m ussually behind it. Highly recommend it to everyone. Absolute must for a present or pamper for yourself. Thank you xx - Catherine

Thank you for the images Richard loves them! … and wow you would like to use photos of me!!! If you think they are good enough then why the hell not!…. Thank you .. xx - Mandy

I absolutely loved the shoot. The whole experience from start to finish was relaxed and fun. I would highly recommend anyone to do it. It is the ultimate confidence boost. The quality of the pictures were amazing. - Emma

So lovely to meet Jane today and Dave for the second time. What can I say…. I felt so special, my hair and make up are absolutely gorgeous. Jane and Dave really listen to what you want and make you feel at ease. I have had a fantastic fun day and left feeling beautiful, I just can’t wait to see the pictures. For anyone even considering this…… just do it. It is a real confidence boost and utterly empowering. Thank you both so much x - Michelle

I felt at ease when o arrived and I never once felt uncomfortable this is why I am bringing my husband along for him to experience it for himself - Jennie

I had a fabulous time doing this shoot. I was welcomed and made to feel so relaxed. The photos are superb and capture how much I enjoyed this I believe. - Karen

I had a fantastic time. I was made to feel a million dollars by Dave & the make-up artist. Who would ever tire of being told how fabulous they are!! Xx - Jo

Had an amazing time on my shoot with Dave and Kym. My hair and makeup were great just what I asked for . Although I was a bit nervous to start with I was soon relaxed and enjoying every minute. Loved the outdoor shots even though it was a bit cold, and can’t wait to pick up my photos . - Helen

I was so scared when i had my pictures took and Dave was so lovely and made me relax and actually enjoy the experience.They made me feel like a special guest and even gave me coffee,sandwiches and biscuits. I do not have a very high opinion of myself and had just been through a divorce and turned 50 and having the pictures done made me find me again. - Amanda

I was a little nervous about the day, and what to expect. But upon my arrival I was instantly put at ease. I received help and advise on the clothes to wear and what make-up may look most flattering. The whole day flew by and I loved every minute. I felt great and my confidence grew and grew throughout. Thank you for such a memorable day! - Michelle

I was unsure of what to expect on the photo shoot, many thoughts about what to wear, what will I look like and will I be comfortable with it all. Dave made me feel at ease even through the initial calls, he wasn’t faded when I asked if my husband could be in some pictures or when I turned up with half my wardrobe! The day started of really well with discussions on what will look best, especially what I wanted. I felt as though the day was all about me and Dave worked with ideas I had. We spent many hours with loads of outfit changes to make sure the end product was something to enjoy and cherish. Once the photos started any fears I had that I wouldn’t feel confident posing went away and couldn’t wait to do the boudoir section after the photos with my husband. Can’t wait to go back and do it all again. - Nicola

I would recommend this to anyone who needs a boost. The entire experience from hair and make up by the lovely Cheryl who made me look better than I ever thought I could and was such lovely company, staying with me throughout – to feeling beautiful and special. Dave was thoughtful and encouraging during the whole shoot and the pictures were amazing. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to have this experience, it really was a wonderful day. - Su

I can’t begin to describe how much I loved my experience at Madison Bou I felt like a queen for the day. Hazelwood Castle is a stunning location with beautiful rooms, there is no short of places to have your photo taken and if your lucky you’ll get a visit from the famous Hazelwood cats…. I’ve always wanted to be the girl in front of the camera and after realising there’s nothing holding me back anymore I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back since, after this I’ve gained so much confidence within myself as well as my future.
I couldn’t recommend this experience enough. - Jenny

After having a mega stressful personal life, Dave and Kim did an incredible job of doing a make over and for the first time in years I felt beautiful and attractive, and it was an incredible boost I was made to feel so at Ease and my Mother looked completely amazing too. - Anna

David and the hair and makeup lady Cheryl made me feel comfortable from the first moment, right up until I left the shoot. Not once did I feel self conscious, embarrassed, uncomfortable or unsafe. We laughed, larked around and kept the dialogue going constantly. I was a little sad when it was over if I’m quite honest! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the day and wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again for my next milestone. - Claire

My whole experience with Dave and Sarah was wonderful! They were friendly and professional! My hair and makeup was beautiful and the photos were brilliant! Go to Madison Bou you will love it! Xxxx - Iona

We found the whole experience brilliant, Dave and Cheryl were really friendly and welcoming which meant when we had the shoot we were relaxed and nothing was hurried. I had a few boudoir shots done first which considering we had booked for a mother daughter package was fantastic, thank you. All the images are beautiful, we love them and are looking forward getting the larger print for the wall. - Kate

I wanted to do the shoot as a confidence boost and to mark the closure of a really transformational period of my life. I was a little taken aback – I barely recognised myself but was really pleased that the pictures definitely captured what I had been hoping for from them. It really is worth setting aside the understandable nerves and going for it – the team are wonderful and the results really do speak for themselves. - Hannah

I had no idea what to expect with this experience, but it was fantastic! Dave and Sarah put my Mum, my niece and I totally at ease. Mum and I don’t usually wear makeup (I had never worn false eyelashes before) but we loved the looks Sarah created for us – so glamourous! We were able to shoot outside as well as in the studio and the results were fabulous! What made it extra special was having photos with my Mum and Chloe. Mum was born at Hazlewood Castle so the photos we have now will be treasured – especially the ones of Mum in the room in which she was born! My niece is quite shy, but she really came out of her shell and the photos capture her perfectly. Thank you so much for the experience. - Sarah

This was the most amazing thing I have ever done. I felt so comfortable with Dave (even in my pants). The photos were fantastic and for the 1st time in years I felt like a women instead of just mum & wife.
After suffering years from eating disorders and having a new body shape which I couldn’t accept, the photos made me look at myself again and realising that I am beautiful no matter what size.
Thank you for that!!! - Katrina

We thought it was a really great experience and we all had a lovey day, and it was a really good confidence boost for my twin girls, they loved it. - Angela

I don’t really like my photograph taken so was very anxious about the shoot. However right from the very start we were made to feel at ease and the centre of things but not overbearing. We actually had a great few hours and plenty of laughs. Felt really relaxed. Hair and makeup just right.

Everytime we look at the end products it makes us feel so much more confident in every way. My daughter had major jaw surgery 5years ago and he captured her beautiful smile and her tattoos magnificently - Lynda

Had the most amazing day Kim did a fantastic job with our hair and makeup I felt like a million dollars that day it really gave my confidence a boost and Dave made it such fun for my daughter - Sally

Anyone thinking of this i would like to tell you it is amazing! The photographer is a real professional and spends ages getting it perfect. The photos are fantastic. This is a great opportunity to have a family heirloom. We are so pleased with our photos and the whole experience, i cannot recommend this enough. X - Caroline

We felt special and from the shoot came away with beautiful memories to treasure. We were made to feel very relaxed and important, the shoot really felt tailored, personally just for us.
We couldn’t be happier with our products. Thankyou - Melanie

Had a special Mother and daughter makeover photo shoot, from the start Dave and Sarah put us at ease and made us feel very special. Dave made the poses look natural and the photoraphs were stunning, Hazelwood castle is a beautiful setting, We has a wonderful photographic session and enjoyed it immensely, The final products are beautiful and cant wait to show them off. Thank you Dave and Sarah - Linda

Dave was very professional and made us feel comfortable. The hair and make-up artist was amazing. Will definitely recommend to friends and family. Thank you so much for the experience with my mum - Katie

I was feeling rather old and very unglamorous and needed a boost. OMG did I get a boost! I was made to feel.very special and very glamorous. I loved the whole experience. - Eve

I love them and have received some amazing comments. Thank you, I really loved the experience and the images are just the icing on the cake!

would be delighted for my photos to be used

Thank you again! - Emily

Last year I had a photo shoot with Madison Bou. They produce portfolios for babies, boudoir and fashion as well as burlesque. I can’t recommend Dave Sander enough as a photographer. If you are camera-phobic, he has a way of making you forget it’s even there. He has a great team of make up artists and assistants who managed to turn me from looking like something the cat had dragged in to this! Check them out at - Clare

Like most women, I have many body confidence issues, however, after 5 mins with Dave and Shareen, any fears I had were gone and I was able to fully enjoy an amazing day, and great experience. They both are completely professional, make you feel so at ease and produce amazing photographs. There’s no pushy sales pitch, but the quality of the pictures will make you want to purchase straight away! A huge thanks you to Dave and Shareen, and if you get the chance to experience this photo shoot, you won’t regret it!! - Sharon

My relationship was failing and I had little or no self esteem. I was terrified but loved some of the shots on your website. Best thing I ever did or could have done though - Michelle

Highly recommend this experience to everyone! I really enjoyed every moment because Jane, Dave and the lovely make up lady made me feel so special from start to finish. Loved the photographs…they have helped make me less critical of my body, so big thankyou xx - Rachel

From being made to feel like a beauty queen getting my hair and make up done to getting photos taken in my underwear has given me amazing confidence. And this was down to Dave and Jane who made the whole day / experience one I’ll remember. They made the shoot fun and relaxed-getting some gorgeous photos to share with my partner! I would highly recommend these guys to anyone.. You need to know just how beautiful you are – and Dave and Jane help make that happen !! Xx - Charlotte

I recently had a photoshoot with dave and Shareen, it was fantastic, a really fun day and I was made to feel very relaxed and comfortable. I would highly recommend this experience to everyone. Very professional and the finished product is outstanding. I never believed I could look so beautiful.
Thank you Dave and Shareen x - Vicki

Had a shoot and it was fabulous! Great service and very friendly people. Made me feel so confident and modelling is something I’m considering as a possible career.. I loved the every single second of the shoot and I wished that it wouldn’t end… Thank you for a fabulous session Xx - Abiee

I can’t thank Dave enough for the amazing experience I had during our family photoshoot. Time flew by without us noticing. Dave was so amazing with my 5 years old daughter (who is very active and quite challenging sometimes). Also loved my hair and make up and advice on what outfit to wear. … I will definitely use Madison Bou again in the future. - Lalia

Had an absolute awesome time on our Mother & Daughter shoot. An eye for detail – nothing too much. The whole day’s experience was brilliant. The advice given before hand was very helpful knowing what clothes etc to bring. Our makeup was doing after listening to what we like and done very tastefully. The whole day made us both feel very special and we have lovely photos to remind us. - Sarah

Big Thank you to Dave and Kim for an amazing experience at Hazelwood Castle. My daughter and I had a fantastic time at our mother and daughter photo shoot. I would definitely recommend Madison Bou. - Samantha

I was very nervous when I arrived. My hair & makeup was amazing & Dave was fantastic in putting all my nerves aside & directing me through the shoot while he took pictures.
The hardest part is actually choosing which pics you like because they are all so great!
Made me feel like a confident supermodel & cannot wait for my book of pics to be published - Emma

Alice and I had the most wonderful day!! There wasn’t a moment where we wasn’t either laughing or being made to feel amazing!! David and Jane are just wonderful and made us both feel very ease. Loved my make up, loved my hair loved the day, cannot wait to see the pictures!! - Angelina

For the first time in a long time I felt confident and was guided throughout so it wasn’t awkward like I would of expected. Thank you so much for today, honestly one of the loveliest days I’ve had and the studio is beautiful, when can I move in? - Jade

I absolutely loved my boudoir shoot, I felt amazing and Jane and Dave are great. I highly recommend having a photoshoot its like therapy!! My pictures are fabulous - Louise

Thank you so much for my shoot. I was really nervous beforehand but everyone was so nice. The hair and make-up was beautiful and I felt so glamorous and I received amazing direction to ensure I got superb photos. So good in fact, that when I went to view the pictures, I could barely believe it was me!! I would definitely recommend you. - Lisa

had so much fun on the shoot. Must do it again soon. - Wendy

Amazing! All my photos that I had done were amazing! - Vikki

An amazing experience. You made me feel so comfortable. The pictures are brilliant and I love how you made me look with props! A real confidence boost and definitely worth booking for a shoot. xx - Becky

I had an amazing time with the team. Hayley made me look flawless before they styled me. They made me feel so comfortable I could relax and enjoy my time with them. The hardest part was choosing which pictures I wanted because I loved them all. I would highly recommend it to everyone xx - Fiona

They are very welcoming and made me feel at ease instantly. Being a busy mum, having a makeover and my hair done was a lovely treat. Dave is an excellent photographer and once again put me completely at ease. I had a fantastic day and I’m so pleased with the photos xxx - Natalie

I wanted to do the shoot to feel like a woman again instead of “just a mum” I think most women lose their identity once they get married and have children and I wanted to do something for me for a change, rather than other people. As mums, we stop being kind to ourselves and quite rightly concentrate on our children- but there comes a time when you have to take back a bit of your time and do something for yourself! A Madison Bou boudoir photoshoot is the perfect way of doing that- it was amazing spending the day at Hazlewood Castle, getting hair and make-up done and being made to feel like a star! Everyone deserves that! ... Nicola

Wow wow wow… just wow. Arrived at the castle and was made very welcome in seconds . Followed by tea and make-up session and hair by qualified lady – amazing . I was shown round the area the shoot would be taking place – very happy. then we got stuck in to a very happy session relaxed and fun .

Blown away with my out come of stunning pics and I’m ready to return xxxx ...Ms F

The last 8 years have been such a struggle for me, I’m my own worst enemy and just completely lost my self confidence. Within half an hour of being in Dave’s company he made me feel so at ease his just such a lovely gentleman. I truly enjoyed my experience it made me feel empowered & actual like what was looking back at me in the mirror. Just for one day I wanted to feel the way my husband sees me and that I certainly did I think every woman needs to have a shoot done like this.

Also a huge thank you to Kim the makeup artist she was truly amazing she made me look & feel like a million dollars ... Tracey

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