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Sessions are 100% private and images are NEVER shared online without your permission.
Expert retouching is included with every session. You will never see any unfinished/unedited images from your session. That said, we don't overdo it. Our retouching is painstaking and not obvious.
We work with you to find the most flattering poses and light you perfectly so that we start with amazing images. Then we retouch to magazine standard. See the kind of retouching we do HERE.
Actually, the point is all the women on the website think the same way. We rarely photograph models so the many 100s of women on our website are normal women just like you, with the same insecurities. They have a wide range of body types and our largest group of women are 40 something mums. In fact, age is just a number when it comes to looking amazing. See 72-year-old Norma HERE . (Yes, we know the video is entitled 'sensational at 60' but would you believe she's 72?)
We dislike the term 'plus-size' because of its negative connotations but let assure you that you can never be 'too curvey' for a Boudoir/Glam photoshoot. Boudoir photography is for EVERY woman.
Read more about what we have to say on the matter - HERE
In the elegant rooms and suites of Hazlewood Castle. We can also shoot in the extensive grounds and in our purpose-built courtyard studio.
You’re welcome to bring a friend or loved one to accompany you on the day. Please let us know so that we can provide refreshments.
Always. Jayne will style you and make you look absolutely beautiful and you'll find the hour or so in hair and make-up fun and relaxing. By the time you're ready you'll feel super sexy and so much more confident in front of the camera. Jayne will be with you throughout the shoot and will fix all the important little details as we go.
Allow around 4 hours. Makeup and hair take an hour to an hour and a half on average. The photographic session lasts around 2 hours but is largely dependent on how many outfits we have to photograph and how long it takes to get the perfect shots. Everyone is different and some people take a little longer to relax and warm up. Boudoir / Glam photography is more art than science.
We recommend at least three but we also advise you to bring more rather than less. It will allow us to mix things up on the day and adapt to the rooms we use on the day and perhaps a little outdoors as well. Some clients literally turn up with a car full of outfits, others just bring a white shirt. We will create amazing images with whatever you bring. We have a style guide packed with ideas HERE
Relax! We've done this before. (Over the last 20 years, several hundred times before) We will pose you down to your fingertips. You will look Glam, natural, dramatic, and super relaxed. Just like all the 100s of women on our website. We even have a little guide featuring our Top 10 most requested poses HERE
Although we know that some studios do same-day viewings we don't work this way. several hours of painstaking work goes into post-production of your images to ensure every single picture is 'magazine quality' (Just like the pictures on our website... We keep saying this but really, this is what we will do for your pictures as well)
Viewings normally happen the week after your shoot and can take place at your convenience after work or at the weekend if need be.
We think that if you go to all the trouble to book a Madison Bou experience, prepare outfits, spend nearly half a day on the shoot and then return to your viewing and see how amazing you look, then you'll want your pictures to last for the rest of your life.
Digitals won't last. We estimate it will be about 5 years before the storage you keep them on becomes obsolete. (Remember VHS and cassettes? Well, USB sticks and DVDs are going the same way.) Of course, we sell digitals but we recommend printing your favourites out on archival paper if you want them to last.
We specialise on Beautifully handmade books of images (printed in Europe) and wall art custom made in Scotland. Get an idea of our products HERE
You can view everything up close when you come in for your session.
Yes. If your shoot includes a discount voucher then this cannot be used with a payment plan but we offer any payment, spread out over three months with zero interest. This is the perfect way to purchase a package of products. You don't receive any products until full payment has been made but the end products will be worth the wait.
Hazlewood Castle is a hotel with a fabulous restaurant and spa attached so why not stay here. If you tell us your plans we may be able to turn around your images overnight so they're ready to view on check out.
Yes. We will create an individual session entirely around your needs and wants. Our Nude Gallery is HERE
Work schedules and illness can often cause clients to want to rebook and our policy is simply this. We'd rather have a happy client than an upset client. Give us as much notice as you can and we'll do everything we can to reschedule. We do book hair and make-up and block off the session date for you though so we try to keep rescheduling to a minimum.
With regards to products. It's ok to change your mind. Book layouts need to be approved before printing. Many clients get home and realise they've chosen wall art that's too small for their space.
Generally though, once digitals have been delivered, there's a no refund policy on your images.
Due to the custom nature of photography, the session fee and anything you purchase and pay for is non-refundable. I am committed to working with you to ensure you love your photos. Remember, you’ll have the final say on all retouching and you’ll see all album layouts before they go to print.
We'd always want happy clients.

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Can’t thank them enough for doing my boudoir photoshoot yesterday. The last 8 years have been such a struggle for me, I’m my own worst enemy and just completely lost my self confidence. Within half an hour of being in Dave’s company he made me feel so at ease his just such a lovely gentleman. I truly enjoyed my experience it made me feel empowered & actual like what was looking back at me in the mirror. Just for one day I wanted to feel the way my husband sees me and that I certainly did I think every woman needs to have a shoot done like this. - Tracey

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