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We like to think that a Madison Bou experience is unlike any other.

In fact, if you’ve ever had professional pictures taken in a studio before, it’s probably easier to explain what our experience is not.

At Madison Bou, we will never treat you like you’re on a conveyor belt.

You’ll never feel rushed as if we want to finish and get the next client in.

You’ll never feel pressurised to purchase more than you can afford and you’ll certainly never see unedited pictures of yourself.

We also don’t sell teeny tiny individual paper prints either since we believe your images need to be displayed better than that.

Everything that leaves our studio is finished to the highest quality possible.


A Madison Bou Experience is unique. It’s all about you.

We believe everyone is different, with different requirements and when they come to a professional studio it can be for any number of different reasons.

Some of our clients come for pure self indulgent pleasure, while some come to celebrate an important milestone in their life. Other reasons include showing off the results of a successful diet, or some confidence building or even perhaps as a special, intimate gift for a loved one.

Whatever your reason for booking a Madison Bou Experience, we believe everything needs to be crafted individually.

We’ll ask plenty of questions before your shoot so we can get a good idea of what you’d like from your day.

We’ll send Pinterest boards with ideas and try and find out how you’d like to display your beautiful images, perhaps in a hand made album or some statement wall art.

You'll also receive our complimentary digital magazine, packed full of ideas for your shoot.


On the day of the shoot

We advise you to set aside about four hours so you can really relax and enjoy yourself.

We'll send you our comprehensive 'prep guide' packed with hints and ideas and we'll advise you what to bring with you and remind you to make sure you have plenty of time before the school run.

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by Jayne and she’ll go through your outfits and bring you refreshments. Jayne will be styling the shoot throughout and we’ll change make-up and hair as needed. Our aim is that you come out of our studio feeling confident that you are a super sexy woman and feeling excited to see all your amazing images.


Viewing all your edited images

About a week after your shoot comes the viewing and you’ll be invited back to see all your incredible images in a relaxing environment. We'll show all our products and you'll be able to decide how you’d like your end product to look. There’s no hard sell. We want you to leave with exactly what’s right for you and your budget. Oh, and of course, you'll enjoy some Hazlewood Castle hospitality with a Hazlewood Cream Tea.

Your finished images

The Madison Bou Experience continues with the delivery of your finished pieces.

You’ll feel like it’s Christmas and of course we’ll be more than happy to continue the experience in the future by photographing your wedding or your baby with the same fanatical attention to detail.

Many of our clients keep coming back. Some even become friends. That's the way we want it to be.


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