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Dave - The Photographer

"My background in photography was old school. Getting my hands dirty, processing film in the darkroom with lots of toxic chemicals. It was the magic of seeing my images gradually appear on the prints which was always such a thrill. I still get that thrill today in front of the screen with photoshop open. When digital arrived in photography in the early 2000s, I embraced it, learning everything I could about the wonders of Photoshop. Alongside the digital processing, I crafted a lighting style that was inexpensive, out of necessity, yet very effective. My style is upbeat, backlit, romantic, positive, beautiful. If my lighting style were a movie, I’d say it was 'Mamma Mia'. All backlit hair and with the kind of images that make you want to fall in love and break out in song!

I've been earning my living from photography for ten years and my first dedicated studio was opened two years ago and now, the time has come to create a more boutique, upmarket, luxury brand. The new studio is like a luxurious Penthouse.

As Richard Gere said in Pretty Woman, I want the Penthouse because "it’s the best".

Working alongside me on every shoot is my soul-mate, Jayne.

Jayne - The Studio Manager and stylist

Jayne was born in Doncaster, is a trained ballet dancer and teacher and after several years dancing around the world (including a couple of years at Moulin Rouge in Paris) she decided to return home and get a ‘proper job’ teaching GCSE French and German.

Jayne and Dave met on Tinder. (God bless Tinder!)

They share 3 incredible Teenagers.

They love each other to the moon and back and like nothing more than having the whole family together, watching a late-night movie over a bottle of wine.

Ashleigh - Hair & Make-up

Check out her Insta page HERE

Bethany - Hair & Make-up


"I worked with Dave over the last couple of years while finishing my degree in make-up and it was wonderful to be invited to join the new team at Madison Bou. I’ve worked at some other make-over studios and love that here, we don’t rush. Everything is about giving the client a special, relaxing experience. It’s always fun as well. We can’t stop laughing. I’m allowed the time to create something individual for each client. It’s what I got into make-up for."


We ran a Facebook competition to find a name for the studio which summed up our well-heeled, discerning female clientele. We had hundreds of suggestions and in the end, we gave away a dozen prizes to some of those with the best suggestions but somehow nothing really struck a chord with us. It was Jane, in the final stages, who came up with Madison, the name of a horse she grew up in her youth, and Boo, what she says when she can’t think of a word. “What was that we were watching the other day?… oh Boo!” We then upgraded the expression to add a little… class.

So Madison Bou it is.

Madison Bou for Boudoir


Madison Bou for Brides

and also...

Madison Bou for Babies

Madison Bou - for Boudoir, Brides and Babies

Every picture we take is with the same care and attention to detail.

Every image is carefully worked on to perfection.

We go the extra mile because it’s what our clients expect.

Ready to book a shoot or want to find out more?

I was feeling lost in myself amongst the many roles I play out in life, mum, step mum, wife, daughter, sister… I needed something to kick start my self confidence, to find ‘me’ again, to remind me who I can be. I also wanted something to help create a positive body image in my own mind, something I’ve struggled with my whole life. Prove I can be a ‘lady’ and look a little glamorous - Lynn See her session here
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