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We passionately believe everyone should at least consider a boudoir album of fabulous images from their Madison Bou experience photoshoot at Hazlewood Castle.


After photographing fashion and boudoir style sessions over many years for hundreds of clients i’ve seen a pattern emerge.

Clients arrive either having no idea what to expect or with a strong idea of what they want. Many who come with preconceived ideas think they’ll like one or two pictures and that’s what they’ll end up buying. It rarely works out like that.

Our shoots take longer than most studios because we take time to get things right. We work hard to make you look good. We aim for great expressions that make you look completely at ease in front of the camera. That doesn’t happen straight away. You’ll need time to warm up and get comfortable. Natural poses don’t just happen, they are created and this takes time as well.

When you return to see your images, we’ll often show as many as a hundred, beautifully edited, pictures with different looks, lighting, poses, expressions, outfits. No two shoots are the same. Everything is personal to you.

We’ve done this many, many times. We know you’ll look utterly, drop dead gorgeous and we know you’ll love far more than one or two pictures.

Most clients narrow their favourites down to around 20-30 pictures. The perfect number of pictures for a boudoir book. These 20-30 favourites can be laid out in storybook fashion so that each page turn creates another breathtaking ‘wow’ with a different outfit or location. The perfect way to document your Madison Bou Experience.


To put it simply and bluntly, digitals won’t last.

The fact that digital jpegs are known to degrade over time isn’t the problem The problem is where you store them. Hands up if you remember ‘floppy discs’? Could you read anything stored on your floppy discs today?

What about cassettes? Who uses cassettes these days?

Apple have had made USB sticks and DVDs all but obsolete now. Your next generation Hard Drives will soon become SSD (Solid State Drives). The only safe place to store your precious pictures is in ‘the cloud’ and who knows what the future holds there.

So, you may own your digitals but the chances are in ten years from now you wont be able to look at them.

Of course digitals are great for social sharing but perhaps you don’t want your friends and family seeing all your amazing but personal images.

Printing from your digitals is one way of keeping the images forever, as long as they’re done professionally on archival papers with archival inks. (Something Boots and Asda can’t do)

If you have gone to all this effort – often purchased new lingerie, had a spray tan, mustered the courage to do your boudoir shoot – This may well be a once in a lifetime experience. Wouldn’t it be good to come away with a document of your experience that will last beyond your lifetime?

Our Boudoir Books are beautiful and will last beyond your lifetime. (Guaranteed 99 years) They are handmade in Europe and come in a range of sizes and cover options.

A Boudoir book will save you the hassle of doing it yourself. You may intend to print your images, but life just gets in the way. We all have busy lives and I know myself, that printing pictures can often slip down the list of priorities. (I still have so many pictures of my kids I haven’t printed out. I’m just like everybody else)

Professionally printed books by pro labs will make all your images look amazing. Skin tones will look natural and everything will be clear with great colours. Not all printers are the same. You generally get what you pay for.

Finally, a Boudoir Album is a fantastic way to display your photos while keeping your prints protected. Each one of our albums comes with a matching box for extra protection.

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