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Our Boudoir photography studio is situated at Hazlewood Castle

Perfect for anyone in Leeds, York or Harrogate and a true specialist in the art of Boudoir.

As a specialist boudoir photography studio we genuinely believe that Boudoir photography is for every woman. Something every woman should experience at least once, regardless of age or body shape.

A quality boudoir photography session can be incredibly empowering. Like facing up to any fear or overcoming anxiety, our clients tell us how much more confident and inspired these sessions make them feel.

Many of our clients come back year after year so that they can enjoy the feeling again.

There is no ‘ideal’ time for a boudoir experience either. Some women enjoy these sessions in their 20s and 30s but the truth is that most of our clients are in their 40s and have children. Some of our best clients are in their 50s and even 60s.

Remember, ‘boudoir’ isn’t about ‘lingerie’, it’s more about a state of mind. What you wear is entirely up to you.

Feeling sexy, feeling positive about yourself, feeling worthy, this is what a boudoir experience can do.

The motivation can be different for everyone though…

Perhaps you want to feel good and celebrate a successful diet or maybe you want some body positivity after being negative about yourself for so long. We’ve had so many clients literally cry after seeing pictures we’ve created and they realise just how beautiful they really are.

Mums come to us a lot because after 3 kids, they tell us they haven’t felt sexy for years. We will show you how you can be sexy and be a Mum.

Some clients come to us to start feeling positive again after going through divorce or relationship issues. Many want to rediscover their former self and start celebrating their freedom once more. (He was a rat anyway!)

For others, overcoming an illness is the motivation they need.

Some women of course want to create a uniquely beautiful gift fo a loved one (we get this a lot) or even simply a personal gift of indulgence for themselves. (Possibly the best reason of all. After all, you’re worth it, right?) This is the kind of gift you can give yourself and be proud of the images you create. It’s a gift that will reward you for decades to come.

Whatever your reason, whatever your story, we’ll help you find your inner sexy once more.

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