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How can a boudoir photoshoot improve your body image?

Have a look at what these clients have told us.

Ellie (Pictured above) told us: “I can’t even begin to express how good my shoot was… I don’t just mean the quality of the pictures. .. or the careful angles … lighting .. make up… styling and positioning. .. I mean the way they make you feel. .. from the minute you enter… thru to the after care … I massively struggle with body image and I felt beautiful… valued… empowered.. its a cliché I know. .. but I think it has begun to change me… how I see myself. .. and how I value myself. ”

Karen : “To be honest I’d never though of doing anything remotely like this and was quite daunted. Probably like most ladies I’ve alway felt body conscious and struggled with my weight over the years, and then children came along and my body has never looked the same. I looked at the website for some inspiration and the pictures were totally amazing. For me I just ran with the idea and thought I may never get this chance again, so putting everything aside I turned up with a number of outfits and an open mind. The results for me are priceless. Not only that I was made to feel very relaxed in an alien environment it was a massive confidence boost!! And yes I did lingerie shots too!! Many thanks Madison Bou

Katrina (Pictured above) told us: “This was the most amazing thing I have ever done. I felt so comfortable with Dave (even in my pants). The photos we’re fantastic and for the 1st time in years I felt like a women instead of just mum & wife.
After suffering years from eating disorders and having a new body shape which I couldn’t accept, the photos made me look at myself again and realising that I am beautiful no matter what size.
Thank you for that!!! ”

Jill : “WOW – that’s all I can say! The pictures are stunning – I LOVE them (something I never thought I’d say!).The whole experience has been beyond my wildest dreams – life changing. I feel happier about myself than I ever have thanks to these images. I don’t have words to properly express my gratitude – thank you isn’t enough, but it’s all I have so THANK YOU!”

Andrea (Pictured above) told us: “After loosing weight I was advised to go and have my picture taken so I could see how I looked. I’ve always been the person taking the pics and only had a few photos of myself since my 2 children. The team made me so relaxed and they did my hair and makeup perfect. Just the look I wanted. I am so happy with my pictures and I’m planning to return when I have my tattoos finished. Thank you for a massive confidence boost. You made me feel beautiful for the first time since I was 18.”

Beata : “I’ve wanted to take part in this kind of photoshoot for a while because I wanted to put myself outside of my comfort zone and push the boundaries of what I’m willing and comfortable doing.
I was really surprised by the relaxed and humorous atmosphere Dave and Shareen have created during the shoot and by how at ease I felt throughout. I expected myself to be reserved and shy, but found myself not caring about anything and anybody around me as I threw layers of clothing off without embarrassment. The whole thing felt like a fun time with a camera merely involved on the side.
It was with some worry that I returned to the studio to see the photos and pick which ones will go into my album, but what I saw on the screen completely exceeded my expectations. It was as if I was looking at someone else entirely. The result is a fantastic memory and the beautifully finished album is a great keepsake to remember it by.
I would recommend this to any woman who has lost confidence in her beauty or attractiveness and anyone who wants to have fun posing in front of a camera, but definitely to everyone who wishes to keep great memories in a gorgeous piece of art.“

There you have it, a boudoir photoshoot experience is so much more than just pretty poses in pretty undies. It’s an empowering journey of discovery…. rediscovery to show you just how beautiful you really are. To see yourself the way others see you.


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