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No doubt you’ve heard the term boudoir photography, but have you ever considered having some done yourself?

It’s fun, sexy, super empowering and perfect as a gift for your partner or even better, as a little bit of self indulgence, because you’re worth it.

We firmly believe that every woman needs to have a boudoir photography session at some point in their lives. Perhaps we’re a little biased but we’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years and we’ve seen so many women become hugely empowered by this experience. For many, it can be truly life changing. It will change the way you see yourself. it will improve self confidence and this may well manifest itself in other areas of your life as well. Confidence in your job, confidence in social situations and renewed vigour in your relationship with your partner.

Boost Your Confidence

One of the biggest reasons women refuse to do a boudoir session is a lack of confidence. They think they’re not thin enough, not sexy enough, or young enough, and won’t look good no matter what they wear. This is the voice of doubt inside our head which stops so many of us from wonderful experiences in life. We have been doing this a long time and know how to pose you to flatter any body type. We don’t worry about age either. Glam Boudoir is for any age.

We always provide professional hair and makeup, making you feel glamorous and at your best. A few hours of pampering and attention from the camera, and you’ll go home feeling the most confident you’ve ever felt.

We want to show you just how beautiful you really are. Your body is beautiful. Every curve, every part of you… beautiful. We want you to celebrate the skin you’re in.

Celebrate a personal milestone

Maybe you’ve just had a baby, reached your weight loss target or have an upcoming anniversary that means a lot to you.

Why not make a real memory from this amazing time in your life and celebrate with some amazing pictures.

Do it for him

If you need another excuse to book a A boudoir photography session then consider this. Your significant other already thinks you’re beautiful so why not use your fiance, husband, or partner as the excuse you need to do this. Imagine the surprise and desire they’ll experience when they see your professional boudoir photos that were made just for them. This is something they’ll never forget.

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