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How to build confidence in your Boudoir session

If you’re thinking about a Madison Bou Boudoir photoshoot but you’re feeling a little scared, don’t be. Here’s some advice on how to build confidence in your boudoir session…

Whilst the mere thought of doing something like this can put the fear of god into you, it really is far less scary than going to the dentist for root canal work (Now THAT really is scarey). Actually, we intend to make the entire experience so much fun, you’ll want to do this every week. (When can you say that about going to the dentist?)

You may well arrive to the studio shaking like a leaf but after a few hours with us you’ll leave with a smile on your face and feel like you’re floating on air.

The truth is…. looking and feeling confident during your boudoir session has nothing to do with how you think of yourself.

Confidence is a mind set and you can do a few things to gain confidence even before you arrive for your special day with us.

Firstly, know that you’re in safe hands. We are professionals. We’ve done this many, many times before. Like an experienced heart surgeon who specialises in hearts, we have had nearly two decades experience specialising in photographing boudoir. This means we know how to pose you, whatever your body shape. We know how to relax and calm you to the point that you look comfortable in front of the camera. An essential skill for an experienced boudoir photographer.

But you don’t know us until you meet us so spend time before your shoot doing your research. look through our website and see that we have many hundreds of women photographed in our galleries. (An industry rule is to only show your best work and ‘less is more’ so that you don’t overwhelm with too many images. We take a different approach. We know you don’t have time to look at every image but we do want you to know that we photograph lots and lots of women and every client represents our ‘best work’ )

Also, make sure you have a look at our ‘clients’ section to see what past clients have to say about the experience. Check the reviews on our facebook page as well since those are not editable in any way. (facebook doesn’t allow it. )

Arrive confident that we know what we’re doing and that you’re in safe hands and you’re halfway there to looking confident already.

Build your confidence even further by preparing for your shoot in advance.

Choose your very best outfits. Try on lots of options. Treat yourself to a shopping trip. You deserve it. A boudoir session is an investment in you! (You’ll get tons of ideas from our boudoir prep guide which we send you when you book)

Now, we also know this.

Chances are, no matter how much you see about us on the website or on facebook. No matter how many beautiful outfits you bring… You will still worry about that bruise on your leg, the bingo wings, the fact you didn’t lose that last 10 pounds and the fact that you really, really, don’t take a good picture

We know this.

Of course, nobody would ever jump out of a plane if all they did was listen to that little voice inside the head. The ‘voice of reason’ (What if the chute doesn’t open?)

A boudoir photoshoot is scarey. We know this. Yet when it’s over, you’ll see your pictures and all the fear, all the anxiety, all of that negative stuff will be a dim and distant memory.

Our client endorsements echo this sentiment, that this experience could well change your life. It will certainly give you confidence to see yourself in a more positive light.

Confidence comes from being prepared and trusting in your boudoir photographer.

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