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Whilst many, many women really, really want to rediscover themselves and see just how good they’ll look there are usually two things standing in the way.

One is price. “Oh my gosh, this kind of thing must be expensive” they say.

We’d say, if you don’t love your pictures then it will be the most expensive thing in the world. At least when you go on holiday and it rains every day, at least you get away from the ‘office’. When you buy an iPhone and it only lasts 2 years as all tech normally does, well at least you managed to check your emails and facebook every day. (…. and the £1000 for the handset was on instalments anyway )

The thing about a boudoir session is that if you don’t like your pictures then whatever you pay is too much. Pay £20 for a picture you don’t like and it’s too much.

However, what if you do like your pictures?

You came to look and feel beautiful and feel empowered. So, what if you do look and feel beautiful and empowered. What if you feel great every time you look at your pictures and what if the pictures last for the rest of your life?

Suddenly, it’s the holiday or the smart phone which is starting to feel expensive compared to the feeling you get ever time you view your pictures for the rest of your life.

When you go to all the trouble to book a once in a lifetime boudoir session you should expect to want more than just one picture. You’re worth a lot more than that.

So, perceived cost is often used as an excuse not to do something like this.

Yet, the second reason people use to not book a boudoir experience is harder to overcome. When people tell us “I need to lose a few pounds first” , “I’ve gained weight since having a baby, I’m not looking my best”

The truth is, curves are not the devil, curves are good.

OK, I know you may not see it that way. Social media and fashion magazines have been showing us stick thin super model types for years. Yet did you know that every single picture of a Victoria Secrets model is photoshopped to within an inch of her life?

How much photoshop?

Well see this article (One of many you can find with a quick search) : VICTORIA SECRETS PHOTOSHOP FAILS

Extraordinary that the most beautiful, perfect women in the world are simply not perfect enough for Victoria Secrets lingerie.

Here’s another truism that we’ve noticed over 20 years photographing women – Stick thin super model types have a biggest issues about the way they look.

Yes, you may want to look like them, but they don’t like the way they look.

In fact, type in the words “sex symbol” on google and see what you find. (We’ve just done it…. Actually we typed in “famous women sex symbols” and clicked images. Tom Cruise and Elvis where in the first search) : click HERE to see the result

Interestingly, there’s not a stick thin supermodel in sight.

So, if you aspire to being stick thin or thinner then you’ll not be ‘sexy’ according to google.

So let’s redress the balance a little and get real for a second.

YOU do not need to lose a few pounds first.

YOU need to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

A Boudoir photoshoot like ours is one of the most empowering ways to regain confidence in the way you look. (Gok Wan would be proud)

What our experience has given us is the ability to bring out the most beautiful you that YOU have ever seen.

‘Curvy’ will make you a sex symbol. (Well that and a heavy dose of fame and fortune)

This is what boudoir is all about.

We say …




…No more excuses. Grab a dose of Madison Bou Confidence and Rock that insanely gorgeous body and create some curvy boudoir photos to empower you for years to come.

We are all, uniquely, imperfectly perfect.

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