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So, how do you choose your Yorkshire Boudoir Photographer?

How do you choose a car if you know nothing about cars? Well, you could read reviews of course. Visit the showroom and talk to the dealer. You could of course choose on price alone. One of the first cars i ever bought cost me £500. It was a fabulous looking Saab turbo convertible and it lasted precisely a week before it broke down and was too expensive to fix. One week. My super cheap deal ended up being one of my most expensive mistakes.

Choosing a Boudoir Photographer is a little like choosing a car. Like cars, Yorkshire Boudoir Photographers are very different, in terms of their cost and their quality. choose the wrong boudoir photographer can end up costing you hundreds of pounds for pictures that don’t last and that you don’t really love.

If you’ve never had a boudoir photoshoot before it’s really difficult to know how to choose a Yorkshire Boudoir Photographer.

Word of mouth recommendation is a great way. If friends you trust have had a photoshoot before then they’ll tell you what to expect. Most of our clients come through word of mouth referrals. Good photographers who want to build a strong business over many years know that client satisfaction is crucial and they’ll go the extra mile to look after you, before, during and after your shoot.

Failing anyone you know recommending someone, you could search for reviews online. Check their Facebook page and their website fo client endorsements. Lots of positive endorsements is always a good sign. You’ll find facebook allows clients to review their experiences and these aren’t editable by the vendor so are a good source of reliable references. (Ours are here for example : https://www.facebook.com/pg/MadisonBou4boudoir/reviews/ )

Another thing you may be considering is whether the boudoir studio is an all female team and this may be important. Many studios actively promote the fact that they have an ‘all female’ team. However, if experience, ability and quality of the final image is more important to you then perhaps the gender of the photographer is less important. I’m male and have been photographing women for more than 20 years. i used to be a radio presenter and find that the skills of communication i learned come in very useful when it comes to relating and relaxing my all female clients. However, regardless of whether you care about the photographer being male or female, do consider that there really should be a female assistant or stylist present at all times. I would be wary of any boudoir studio that allows a solo male photographer to photograph you without anyone else present.

Other things to consider when choosing a Yorkshire Boudoir Photographer

• Retouching – what goes on after the camera has done its job, is just as important as the shoot itself – Cellulite, stretch marks, goosebumps etc do not belong in your boudoir photos. You want to look natural, but also look your best. Look through the pictures in their portfolio and make sure skin is flawless but not overdone. Skin should look clean and healthy but never plastic.

• Styling is crucial. Make sure the photographer has a stylist or, at the very least, an assistant on the shoot at all times. Details are so important. Check the portfolio online and see if you love their styling. Photographers only show their best work so make sure their work is good enough for you.

• Experienced photographers will have variety in their portfolios. Many different poses, lighting setups, backgrounds and accessories. Boudoir photography is an art form with a different set of skills to family and baby portraiture and weddings so also try and work out if the photographer specialises in Boudoir Photography or if it’s just a small part of their business. A general handyman may not be as good at fitting boilers as a heating specialist. A wedding photographer may not be as skilled at the art of boudoir. you can usually find out a lot from the website.

• Ensure your hair and make-up are applied by professionals. You should always love the results.

• Check the ‘Before/Afters’ – Are the ‘afters’ really better than the ‘befores’?

• Beautiful curves should be enhanced and celebrated in Boudoir Photography. Nobody should ever feel they look fat… Ever!

• Beware of photographers that turn your pictures around in an hour. Just because it’s fast doesn’t mean it’s any good. Beautiful images with magazine quality finishing takes time. Expect at least a few days.

• Make sure the subject is beautifully lit. Lighting is everything in photography. Even shadows should never be pitch black.

Don’t forget to find out how your beautiful images will be presented

Have you considered how you’d like to purchase your pictures? Ask the photographer to see their product range. Be wary of any photographer that only offers digital. so many clients want digital these days. Perfect for sharing and of course if you buy the digitals you think you own the images forever. Few clients consider that digitals will only last as long as the storage medium. Apple have all but phased out usb sticks and DVDs now and your next computer will have a different hard drive (SSD rather than HD ) so it’s essential to make back-up copies and store your digitals in the cloud. 10 years from now, your digitals may be like cassettes (Hands up if you still have a cassette player?) Archival prints and printed material like books and wall art will last around 100 years. Printed products are what you’ll be looking at when you’re old and grey. Printed products are what will be handed down to the kids. (Wow, who knew grandma looked that hot back in the day?) Oh, and I’ve never seen a usb stick look good on the wall. 🙂

Digitals are often seen as a ‘cheap’ product because… well, digitals don’t cost anything do they? Really, the ‘cost’ of your boudoir photoshoot is in the expertise of the photographer and the post production of the images. For this reason, be wary of photographers that simply offer cheap digital packages. These photographers may well not have the experience you need and neither will they be around for very long. If you go the trouble of booking a photoshoot such as this, isn’t it reassuring to know that your images will be produced and presented to you in a way that does your investment justice.

As with wedding photography, choosing your boudoir photography purely on budget more often than not will lead to disappointment. Make sure you ask about the fees and average spend before you book.

Good boudoir photography may not be cheap. in fact a good Yorkshire Boudoir photographer will often charge many hundreds of pounds for products that will last forever and make you smile every single time you look at them. Like my first, cheap car… Cheap boudoir photography may well turn out to be an expensive mistake, both financially and psychologically.

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