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Classy boudoir photos in Leeds

Have you ever come close to booking a Boudoir Photoshoot but chickened out at the last minute?

It can be a daunting prospect. Even finding a classy photographic studio which provides images you love is difficult. Every website is so different, every studio seems so uninviting somehow.

What about styles…Do you want beautiful and feminine or raw and edgy or a bit of both?

Self doubt can often creep in as well. Im too old, too out of shape, I hate my hair and so on.

The art of a good boudoir photographer isn’t really about the pictures. It’s about the ability to make you feel amazing. Feel utterly beautiful.

It’s about helping you to forget the hum drum of daily life and inspire your inner goddess.

You’ll be taught to pose like a model and look like a million dollars. Your hair and make-up will make you feel super sexy.

This what’s it’s all about – Bringing your ‘sexy’ back.

At the end of the experience you’ll feel a certain sadness that it’s all over. You’ll want this feeling to continue. This is what a Madison Bou Experience is like. Then, when you see your fabulous pictures you’ll see yourself presented in a fine art book and wonder how on earth that happened. You, seeing yourself as fine art. Incredible, artistic, tasteful – classy.

You don’t have to be younger, thinner, more toned – You just have to be you. The beauty of boudoir photography is that we can show you the most flawless version of you that you have ever seen.

It’s the most empowering and eye opening thing you can ever do. Sure, you can use your man as an excuse to do it if you want to but really you should do it for yourself. It’s the most generous, self indulgent gift you could give yourself and it’s affect on your personal well being and state of self worth can last for many years.

There are boudoir photoshoots and there are classy boudoir photoshoots. The difference is in the ‘wow’ factor. The classy shoots stay with you, presented in amazing archival products which last a lifetime.

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