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Carrie’s photoshoot here is the perfect example of what we call modern Glamour – The new boudoir

Modern Glamour is not about what you wear but more about a mood, a feeling, a state of mind.

Many of our Boudoir styled photoshoots take place in elegant surroundings with lavish backgrounds and furnishings but then again, many of our photoshoots contain simplicity as the key. Often these are the most successful. Just you and a few items of clothing as accessories and simple elegant furniture. (In this case, a classic Chesterfield chair)

Posing is key of course and we help to pose you down to your fingertips so that we capture amazing and dramatic looks from all this simplicity.

So much can be done with 2 or three outfits, a couple of accessories, a hat, a statement necklace and a killer pair of heels. Oh, and some paper roses and black chiffon. Simple things, beautiful posing, great light and this all leads to the perfect modern glamour photoshoot.

There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ Madison Bou photoshoot because every client is unique and so every photoshoot is unique but there are some things that these experiences have in common.

Great light of course and great posing to create some dramatic looks. Another thing these photoshoots have in common is that we don’t clock watch. If you need more time to get relaxed we take all the time you need. We won’t push you beyond your comfort zone, you’ll never feel uncomfortable and we’ll do everything we can to make you enjoy the experience so much you’ll not be able to wait to see the finished pictures.

Modern Glamour is the New Boudoir – More a state of mind than a state of undress.

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