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We photograph dozens of women each year.

Many are Mums who haven’t felt beautiful in a long time.

Some come to us after a period of abuse and want to reclaim their power again.

Some are couples who have lost their spark.

Many women spend their days dressed in ‘comfy clothes’ and just want an excuse to glam up and shake off the daily routine.

Another motivator for a nude boudoir photoshoot is simply as a personal, intimate gift to a lover. Something just for the two of you to keep forever.

A Madison Bou photoshoot experience is a safe environment to learn to become comfortable with your body. No taboos. No judgements.

A place where you can own your sexuality and express it.

Clients tell us it can be a life changing event.

All our photoshoot experiences start with a consultation. Either in person, on the phone or via email questionnaires.

We ask about the ‘level’ of the experience you’d like. Fashion (all clothes), a bit of Boudoir, a bit of both, topless or caution to the wind naked. More often than not, women find the experience so uplifting and empowering that they end up going up a level.

We all have a ‘comfort level.’

That place we feel safe day to day.

This includes, what we eat, how we dress, where we go on holiday and yet sometimes, when we step out of this comfort zone and discover new things, we also learn something about ourselves.

A Madison Bou Photoshoot Experience will never push you beyond your comfort zone. That’s your choice. Often though, the further you go, with outfits, with posing, with attitude, with hair and make-up… The more you invest of yourself in the experience the more you’ll get out of it.

… Such is true of life in general.

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