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Wondering what to wear for boudoir? Hate your stretch marks? Insecure about your midsection? Self-conscious about your post-baby tummy?

If you have a look at the many hundreds of women featured on this website you’ll never see stretch marks or ‘mummy tummy’. This is because we’ve learned over the years, the art of concealing the things we don’t like and revealing the things we do. Careful lighting and posing and the use of fabrics has become our mainstay.

As a rule of thumb, twin set bra and panties are the most revealing lingerie. Unless you have invested in really high quality lingerie sets or you are really body confident we recommend some alternatives below. In fact, sometimes going naked and using fabric such as tulle or voil will make you look more fabulous than a poorly fitting twin set. (No little bulges where the panties cut into the waist or bra straps cut into the underarms.)

Remember, Boudoir shoots are the perfect way to get your confidence back and celebrate the body you were given!

So, rather than just grab a bra and knicker set from your drawer that you would wear everyday, consider these alternatives for your boudoir photoshoot experience. These wardrobe suggestions will help to make your insecurities melt away!

Babydoll – The transparent material and softness reveals just enough, yet covers all the important bits so you can relax and feel super confident in front of the camera. One of our favourite things to photograph.

Sexy Slip or Chemise – Similar to the classic babydoll but follows more closely the shape of the body. Great for coverage and for sexiness.

High-Waisted Panties – This can add a bit of a vintage feel and stops those little bulges caused by tight fitting, thinner panties. (Oh, and on the subject of high waists, don’t think tights are a no no either. A fabulous pair of quality, thin tights can be uber sexy on a woman with attitude. With a seam, even better)

Teddies or Bodysuits – These are perfect for almost any bodyshape and any boudoir photoshoot. Even an inexpensive body from Ann Summers will look great. Invest more and the rewards will be even greater. There are so many different styles to choose from. Some reveal more some have more coverage. If you have a larger bust size, pay attention to the support offered by the Teddy. Some fit better than others but in general, most teddies will photograph well.

Corset or Bustier – Very vintage, very glam. The fit is more important for this than any other item you bring so do make sure you can fit into it and it doesn’t look like you’re spilling out at the front.

Garter Belt – The thicker waisted type rather than the tighter, thinner type. (back to the little pinch bulges again) Again, great for a vintage look but also very contemporary and super sexy, with or without stockings.

A quick side-note on stockings… Hold ups will always pinch your thighs more than Garter stockings. If you’re conscious of your thighs, stay away from hold ups and go for the more forgiving garters.

Your man’s white shirt – Yep, a crisp, oversized man’s shirt is just what you need to look super sexy and drop dead gorgeous. All that lovely expensive designer lingerie and you’ll still look just as sexy in a man’s shirt. Oh, the irony…

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