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A Boudoir Photoshoot is not something to enter into lightly.

Certainly it’s not a frivolous purchase.

You will probably be photographed in lingerie, maybe even partially or fully naked so you’ll need to build up real trust with the studio.

There is no point whatsoever in going to the trouble of turning up for the photoshoot with no intention in making an investment in the resulting images and the pictures from a Boudoir Photoshoot are never cheap no matter which studio creates them. (Assuming, of course, we’re talking of reputable studios. There are plenty of photographers out there willing to photograph women with few clothes on. Please, please, be very wary of those types of photographers. No surprise, you generally get what you pay for )

The trouble you go to the get your outfits together, the hair and make-up before the shoot, the two or three hours for the shoots itself and the several hours editing your images before you get to see the results… All of this tells you that this is a high end experience.

Something to save up for. Something special. For many women, this is a once in a lifetime, unique experience.

You’ll feel confident about yourself and beautifully elegant. You’ll be indulged and pampered.

This could be something you’ve wanted to do for ages but never had the time.

Well, now is the time!

Maybe you want to celebrate your body after a successful diet or regain your self confidence after a horrid divorce. Maybe you want to regain your femininity after battling cancer or overcoming a major trauma.

A Boudoir Photoshoot is a boutique, high end purchase.

Most studios will only source display products which are made to last a lifetime. Archival prints, beautiful top of the line, hand made books, bespoke frames. These kind of products are never cheap. Christian Louboutins are never cheap. Louis Vuittons are never cheap.

Made to last a lifetime means around 99 years. Think about that. Your beautiful images from your Boudoir photoshoot will last beyond your lifetime. When you’re old and grey, 30 years from now, you’ll still be enjoying your beautiful images. Perhaps sitting in front of the fire, you and your partner will be flicking through the pages of your Boudoir Album together… Long after the holiday tan has faded, after the big screen TV has given up the ghost and the new iPhone has become a doorstop.

Cheap? Not on your Nelly, but reassuringly expensive.

An investment in you.

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