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So, how much are you worth investing in?

Not very much or do you feel you’re worth it?

Some years ago we set up a new studio in Leeds and decided it would be a good idea to advertise on Groupon and Wowcher to attract some new clients.

We noticed something interesting. People love a bargain. Of course that’s not new, but the levels people will sell themselves to get a bargain surprised us. We had women turn up with raggedy non matching underwear, strip off in front of total strangers, do the poses and walk away with their flimsy free paper print. (They didn’t get a choice of print either. We chose the print and it was always a portrait with our branding on as stipulated in the Groupon conditions. ) Of course many people didn’t have the money to purchase finished albums for wall art and we were left wondering why these women booked the photoshoot in the first place. Why would any woman take their clothes off and go through this experience without any real input or investment from their end?

Our year with Groupon actually turned out to be very profitable. It did bring in a lot of new clients and many of those clients loved their pictures so much that they bust their budget to purchase them.

So why would we never do Groupon again?

Quite simply because of the clients that Groupon attracts.

We all love a bargain and when it comes to buying toasters or 2 for 1 meals or hotel rooms, then Groupon is a fabulous place to shop.

A boudoir experience though is something not to be booked casually.

Women book a boudoir photoshoot for a variety of reasons but mostly it’s to feel good about themselves.

To feel beautiful and empowered.

A good Boudoir Experience will improve self confidence and help you get over a difficult relationship.

If you feel bad about your body shape then a good boudoir photoshoot will make you feel far more positive about yourself. It will make you feel worth something. It can improve your feeling of self worth after being a mum and partner for so many years and putting yourself second to everyone else.

A good boudoir photoshoot can be life changing. The pictures from a good boudoir photoshoot will last for many decades if printed by a professional as well. In other words, not only will the photoshoot make you feel fabulous just after doing it but it will keep making you feel fabulous every time you view your pictures. (Far longer than a holiday tan or a new television will last ) .

Why do I keep repeating ‘good boudoir photoshoot’ ?

Because, like everything in life, quality varies.

The more you invest in your photoshoot the better the shoot will be. This doesn’t mean money but thought and time.

Talk to the studio in advance of your shoot date. Consider carefully your outfits. (You’d plan carefully for your daughter’s wedding, or a big night out on a date. Consider a boudoir photoshoot with the same care and attention)

Also consider what you’d like to do with your pictures afterwards. A ‘couple of digitals’ won’t last very long. Digitals will last only as long as the storage medium you put them on. (think VHS or Cassettes, USB sticks and DVDs are going the same way.)

A book of your favourite pictures will last beyond your lifetime and be viewed with pride in old age. Wall art or discrete folio boxes of prints will similarly last forever and constantly remind you how amazing you looked.

Or … simply go with the cheapest deal you can find and risk ending up still feeling bad about yourself, looking unattractive and feeling worthless.

Not worth much because you don’t feel worth investing in.

It’s a very damaging inner voice that can have a more negative impact than not booking the shoot in the first place.

This is why we will never do Groupon again.

… While writing this on December 31st 2018, an instagram comment has just flashed up from a previous client who posted this…

Faye Herod : “Doing my photo shoot was the best and biggest thing I’ve done, I overcame so many insecurities and fears and since then I’ve come along way personally. Thank you guys xx”

This sums up exactly the power of a Boudoir Photoshoot and what an amazing investment this can be.

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