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The Madison Bou Guide to preparing for your Boudoir Session

Choose your Wardrobe – Lingerie is the first thing that springs to mind when you’re preparing for your boudoir session, but you don’t have wear it if you don’t want to. In fact boudoir is not about what you’re wearing but more about an attitude. Sexy, certainly, and that sexiness can come in a simple man’s white shirt, a sports top, oversized, stretchy jumper, leather jacket biker chic or tight shirt and shorts.

Hair and Makeup – You will always receive amazing hair and make-up from our expert stylists. They have experience in photo ready make-up and glamorous hair. They will talk you through the entire process and check you’re happy every step of the way. Everyone is different and we’ll work with you to achieve the look that you love.

Accessories – Make sure you think about jewelry, shoes, props, etc. Pack anything you need to get it ready for your session. For props, we suggest bringing personal items that are significant to you or your partner – sports gear, dog tags, lab coat, work uniform etc

Location,Location,Location – We don’t advertise this much but we can work to any location you wish. We do a number of boudoir sessions in clients homes and in fact this can add a more personal touch to the final result. Clients sometimes feel more comfortable at home so the pictures often look more ‘lifestyle’ natural and intimate. The majority of our boudoir sessions though take place at our location in Hazlewood Castle. (A real private castle mentioned in the Doomsday book) More specifically, in the luxurious rooms and suites of Hazlewood Castle as well as the extensive grounds and our purpose build studio in the courtyard. Few studios in the UK can boast such a salubrious location.

Work out your personal comfort level– One of the motivating factors for booking a boudoir photoshoot is to empower you and help raise confidence and body image and to do that often means you’ll push your own personal comfort level to the edge. A little like jumping out of a plane or looking a wasp in the eye (if you don’t like wasps). We certainly encourage pushing your boundaries but we’re very careful to not push you too far. Being a little scared or nervous is fine but really, this experience should primarily be enjoyable and fun. We’ll have a lengthy discussion with you about comfort levels. What you like about your body and what you don’t like. What you’re willing to show off and what you’re not. We are genuinely surprised how many times clients arrive shaking with fear and expecting to keep the layers of clothing on, yet after a short time, we’re the ones trying desperately to keep the clothes on these same clients as they through caution to the wind and brazenly strip off. (“think of the guests!”… we cry)

Beauty Prep – We suggest getting a mani/pedi a few days prior to your session. If you wax, don’t forget to factor that into your schedule, as well. We never recommend ‘bottle tans’ only professionally applied tans and even then, we’d prefer to add tan in photoshop. (It’s cleaner, easier and more natural) If you want to have a base tan for your photos, we recommend beginning to tan a few weeks before your session to avoid burning – and remember to think about your outfit as well to avoid any tan lines that will look bad in photos.

Drink a lot of water leading up to your session for beautiful, healthy skin and get a good night’s rest the night before. Obviously this is easier said than done, particularly if you lead a busy and stressful life but it really does make a huge difference.

Shave and moisturise for beautiful legs. Wear a clear deodorant. Don’t wear tight clothing, bras, knickers, socks, etc. the morning of your session or driving to your session. These will leave red marks on your skin and we want you looking your best after all.

Relax – The most important thing you can do is relax. We will make sure you look amazing in your photos, so don’t worry! If you’re uncomfortable, it will show, so just keep calm. Again, easier said than done but we have many years experience relaxing our clients and we find the secret is to make the experience fun. We’ve no doubt you’ll be relaxed in no time.

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