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Here’s a truism i’ve learned over the years based on all the people I’ve come to know.


… Often this starts with great parenting. Good parents give you love. They tell you they love you and that you are worth loving. They offer security, kindness and guidance. Given these things, you at least have a chance of growing up with confidence and a sense of self worth.

I’ve noticed that parents who aren’t able to offer that love, often nurture children who feel that they’re missing something.

After all, If your parents don’t love you, then why should you love yourself? Why would you feel valuable?

To make matters worse – These same people often repeat the habit and find a partner like their parents. These new partners reinforce that familiar feeling from childhood. That feeling of being worthless.

The motivation for a Madison Bou Experience

This all seems a bit deep and far removed from beauty photography but actually it’s very much a strong motivation for having one of our photoshoots in the first place. To gain confidence and self worth.

It’s not about money or success either. I know many successful people who are happy and content with their lives and loves and I know many people with no money whatsoever who seem totally at ease and comfortable with themselves, their partners and family.

But, I also know people who have more money than they can spend and yet are completely empty inside.

They yearn for something that’s missing that money cannot buy. They crave love. The love they didn’t get from their parents. The love they cannot find with their partner. Because of this, they have no sense of self love. (They may have self belief, but when they look in the mirror they don’t love the person they see)

It’s not all about parenting. Sometimes it’s about being a parent.

Many, many women who come to us become completely lost over the years after having children.

They spend their lives looking after the kids, the school run, the organising, the shopping, the nursing, the teaching and then of course, trying to be the perfect partner. Not to mention the fact that often they’ve sacrificed their careers.

It’s not surprising that many women come to us and tell us they feel like they’ve ‘lost themselves’ .

These Mums are often very organised.

They write lists of things to do every day full of all the things they have to do for the kids, their partner, the house but guess what? They themselves, are never on the list.

They ‘do stuff’ for everyone else but never have any time to do anything, just for themselves.

In fact, the very idea of doing something for themselves would feel unjustly self indulgent.

Yet why shouldn’t these women do things for themselves? Are they not worth it?

What’s interesting is that rarely do you become satisfied with your life by things like exercise and diet alone. The gym won’t make you love yourself more. Buying a new handbag most certainly won’t help you love yourself more. It’s way deeper than that.

A major reason why women come to Madison Bou is empowerment and to regain a sense of self worth.

When you start to do focus on yourself just a little bit every day, the difference can be amazing.

Do something just for you.

Don’t get lost in your day to day routine.

Read a Book.

Drive or walk somewhere you’ve never been before. (Not with a friend but on your own)

Create and start working through your ‘bucket list’.

All of these things can help in the journey to rediscovery.

A Madison Bou Experience has been created for just such indulgences.

It’s a photoshoot just for you!

You’re the star.

You will get to see pictures of you that will, we hope, help you to see just how beautiful you really are. It’s part of the process of loving yourself.

Don’t stress about the little things.

The size of your bum, your partner leaving the toilet seat up, the kids binging muddy boots into the house.

Is any of this going to matter a few years from now?

Learn to love yourself and you can learn to love others.

Everyone will benefit.

You’ll become a better mother, wife, a better you.

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