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Feeling fab at 40 – This is the time to celebrate

Take it from us, there is nobody more attractive than a smart, confident and courageous woman in her 40’s….it’s a great time in a woman’s life for so many reasons! You really can feel fab at 40 .

For one thing, you spend your 20s and 30s figuring yourself out, so by the time you get to your 40s, you know yourself really well. Hopefully at this point, you’ve learned to accept, and even love, the things you cannot change.

You’re still improving, of course, but you know who you are.

Accept the wrinkles and realise your true beauty lies within. That said, your portraits from a Madison Bou photoshoot will minimise your wrinkles and show you in the very best light. Look at the 1000s of pictures on our website and realise that 40 somethings are our biggest group. You’ll net see too many wrinkles, never see cellulite or ‘handlebars’ and mummy tummies…. We really do know what we’re doing. (You’ll also not see too much evidence of photoshop. Our use of this amazing tool is like a high quality magazine not a general ‘airbrush’ filter. We hate plastic skin. If you love it, maybe a high street makeover studio would be better for you)

In your 40s your sense of clothing style becomes more chic, more sophisticated and more suited to who you are after 20 years experimenting with different fashions. It is easy though to get stuck in a clothing rut, particularly after having children and we can really help with this with plenty of styling advice based on years of experience. We know what will photograph well, and what won’t.

The 40s are fabulous because now you can wear what you want, you can watch and listen to what you want because the social pressures of the young adult world have no effect on you whatsoever… You’re so over that noise. You’re fab at 40!

Even though you don’t care what people think, people actually do think more highly of you. Young people see you as a real grown-up, and older people see you as a respected peer.

Most women in their 40s have kids which are past the baby/toddler stage so at this point you’ll have regained some of that lost freedom and energy you had during the pre-school years. This is your time now.

Your ‘life story’ is one of the sexiest things any woman can have. You experienced jobs, marriage, children, moving house, losing a loved one, emotional crises, and so much more. You’re a seasoned adult, and it shows and, though you may not know it, this can be very sexy. (No one wants an inexperienced woman with no depth and life story to tell.)

You’re at the sweet spot of life where you feel like you have the best of all worlds. It’s awesome.

If you’re fearing your 40s, don’t. They may just be the best years of your life…so far.

It’s great to be Fab at 40

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