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Leeds boudoir photographers - Madison Bou, are based in the beautiful surroundings of one of Yorkshire's Premier venues - Hazlewood Castle.

With nearly twenty years experience as a Leeds boudoir photographer, Dave Sander and Jayne Macdonald and their all female team have created a new brand aimed at discerning female clientele who are used to the very best life has to offer. Our clients demand perfection in everything they do and we go to extreme lengths to ensure the ultimate glamorous boudoir photographic experience. We spend time with each client before they arrive to understand what they want from their images. We compile Pinterest Boards and create shoot ideas so that when a client arrives at our studio, we know exactly what she's looking to achieve. On arrival, clients are welcomed into an environment that feels just like a luxurious home rather than a cold, intimidating, traditional studio. Large windows allow for perfect natural light all year round. Each session is as relaxed and fun as possible, with plenty of time taken over the hair and make-up and we then take great care to work at the clients pace to achieve the exact pictures we need. We have many years experience in the fine art of Boudoir style photography and are experts in posing and lighting so we you can be confident you'll end up with fantastic results. For Leeds Boudoir Photography - Madison Bou, specialising in Boudoir, Bridal Boudoir, Vintage, Glamour, Fine Art Boudoir, Fine Art Nudes, Beauty and Fashion Photography.


Madison Bou Photography is a York based boudoir photography studio based at Hazlewood Castle. Our courtyard studio situated on the A64 York Road just south of York Designer Outlet so is very easy to find. Our little place of luxury and tranquility. Why not use your boudoir session as an excuse for a 'duvet day' and also book a pampering Spa experience at Imagine Spa onsite? We have been York Boudoir Photographers for nearly 20 years and so if an amazing, luxury boudoir experience that is both empowering and confidence building is what you're looking for, York Boudoir Photographers, Madison Bou is the perfect photographic studio for you.

We specialise in Bridal Boudoir, Maternity, Glamour and beauty portraits as well as boudoir and fine art nude photography. We set out to empower women and boost confidence by way of glamorous modern portraiture. This experience is for women of all body types and comfort levels.

A week or so after your photoshoot at Hazlewood you'll be invited back to view your finished images and that's where the real excitement comes. We get enormous delight in seeing you getting excited at seeing your pictures. We offer you a Hazlewood Cream Tea and help you to choose the perfect archival products to display your images for decades to come.


Since specialising in Boudoir Photography in Yorkshire and Harrogate, Madison Bou has photographed hundreds of women of all body shapes and ages and all with unique stories to tell. Every woman has a different reason for a boudoir photoshoot experience. Some to celebrate a milestone such as a significant birthday, or reaching a goal weight. Some to celebrate overcoming a major trauma such as divorce or cancer. Other women are motivated by the idea of feeling beautiful again after years being a 'mum' or being in a stressful job or relationship. other clients want to buy their significant other a fantastic gift that will last forever in an amazing book or piece of wall art. Brides come to us to provide an experience to create the perfect gift for their perfect groom.

Our clients mean the world to us and you can read what they think about their experience in our facebook page HERE or on our website client page HERE

If you think you've seen enough and you're ready to go ahead and book a session with us, simply click straight through the the booking page HERE


c/o Hazlewood Castle, Paradise Lane, Tadcaster, LS24 9NJ - 07860 830789 - dave@madisonbou.com - Privacy Policy - Copyright © 2020