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How many times have we heard that tights aren’t sexy, stockings are so much nicer?

For a really fun, alternative boudoir look we think rules are meant to be broken and sexiness isn’t about what you wear it’s about how you wear it. More importantly, how you feel when you wear it. Honestly, some women can wear the sexiest outfits in a way that makes them look unsexy. That’s why they need some coaching from us during their photoshoot.

Then again, some women just ooze sex appeal no matter what they wear… Jeans and a T, Baggy jumpers, even tights. It’s an attitude, a confidence thing. Feel good = look good.

Some women hate their legs. Perhaps because of bruises or veins or perhaps they feel that stockings create the all too familiar bulge where the stocking grips the thigh. (This is the problem with cheaper stay ups, rather than hold ups with suspenders)

Tights are definitely sexy because, regardless of the length and shape of your legs, they always make your legs look amazing.

They can be worn on their own, knicker-less or with g-strings for extra sexiness. A great alternative boudoir look.

We also pair them with nothing but a man’s white shirt. another sexy, alternative boudoir look.

Something we’ve noticed over the years about tights and boudoir which you should keep in mind though is… If your legs are a little larger than you’d like, don’t wear big patterns. The bigger the pattern, the thicker your legs will seem. Smaller patterns look good on everyone, but huge patterns can turn even a fragile body into something much bigger. Pay heed of that golden rule though and you legs will almost certainly look great in a pair of well fitted tights. Plus, there’s the added advantage of taking them off and within a few seconds you’ll have a completely different look.

Definitely consider bring your tights to a Madison Bou boudoir experience.

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