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When you hear the words “glamour photography,” what comes to mind?

If it’s feather boas, lots of hairspray and cheesy poses then think again.

Glamour has come along way since the 80s. Todays Glam is more contemporary, fashion forward beauty photography for discerning women.

Women who appreciate the finer things in life.

The Madison Bou Glamour Experience is an amazing magazine style photoshoot with Professional Hair, make-up and styling. It’s a fabulous way for a woman to regain her ultimate super power and self confidence and allow her to see herself at her most beautiful.

Every woman deserves to have this experience.

If you’re thinking of booking a Glam shoot, these are some of the things you can do to get ready for the shoot day.

Pamper your skin

  • Drink lots of water leading up to your glamour photo shoot to stay hydrated. Remember, hydrated skin is happy skin.
  • Use some face cream on the day of your photoshoot to keep your skin looking fresh and dewy.
  • Come to the studio make-up free. We’ll take care of the rest. (Yes, we know it’s hard to leave the house without makeup so we can take it off when you arrive if you prefer)
  • Wear your comfiest loose, baggy clothes to the studio to avoid marks on the skin.
  • Shave your legs, underarms, and bikini line the night before your session to minimise redness. If you wax, schedule your photography session at least 3-5 days after waxing.

Liven up your super sexy hair

  • Get your hair styled before your photoshoot. Our stylists will do your hair on the day but the full hairstyling, you should leave up to your normal salon. If you’re colouring your hair, stick to a colour that you know you’ll love!
  • Come to the studio with fully washed and dry hair. Our stylists take around 90 minutes on hair and make-up before your shoot.
  • If you have stubborn hair that doesn’t hold curls very well. You can wash your hair the day before your photoshoot. Use volumising shampoo. If it is really stubborn, you can actually use volumising mousse when blow-drying your hair. We recommend that you don’t use any other products before arriving at the studio to avoid lacklustre look.

Give your hands and feet a little love

Your hands and feet will be visible in most of your boudoir shots, so it’s important to get them camera ready. Consider indulging in a mani-pedi a few days before your photoshoot.

  • Try and coordinate the colour of your nails to your outfits and use the same colour on your fingernails and toenails for a timeless look.
  • A classic red tone adds a bold and timeless touch to your overall look.
  • Want a more muted polish color that goes with everything? Choose pink, beige, clear or slightly tinted. Make sure though your nails are in good condition or consider a French manicure.
  • Make sure the bottoms of your feet are clean; they may well show in some of your photos.

Tanning – Get that Sexy Skin Glow look

  • All skin tones are beautiful! Tanning is not required for super sexy boudoir photos. It’s all about personal preference and whatever makes you feel fantastic. In the main, we prefer clean skin with no bottle tan. This will give you a far more natural look and is certainly easier to retouch.
  • If you like that sun-kissed look though, then we recommend sticking to tanning methods that you are familiar with – the last thing you want is to end up having a weird reaction to any sprays or lotions.
  • A professional tanning salon is well worth the investment but do take the professional’s advice.
  • Please don’t spray tan your face. You’ll end up with blotchiness which is difficult to retouch. Our make-up artists are experts at creating the perfect look for camera.

Get your outfits camera-ready

  • Check your outfits for tags and cut them off. You don’t want them to show in your photos. Particularly if you intend to show off lingerie, watch out for tags. Also don’t forget the bottoms of shoes for stickers and dirt.
  • Keep your outfits wrinkle-free by packing everything as carefully as possible. We will then put everything on hangers when you arrive.
  • If you want to wear lingerie to your Glam shoot (Many people include a little ‘boudoir’ style in their session ) – Check out out Top 20 places to purchase lingerie in Yorkshire HERE


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