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Our makeover photoshoots are the perfect way to celebrate something amazing in your life. Maybe you’ve lost weight and want to show off your fab new figure. Maybe you’ve reached an age landmark or have an anniversary coming up. Maybe you want to bring a friend and celebrate some girl time together.

You could plan in advance and bring dresses to fit a specific style. Vintage 50s dresses or maybe a Marilyn Monroe Hollywood glam style.

Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled day out or the perfect present for your loved one (or even a perfect gift of indulgence for yourself…. because you’re worth it) A Madison Bou Makeover Photoshoot is the perfect thing for you.

You’ll feel totally pampered as you undergo a hair, makeup and styling transformation with the help of our professional make-up and hair stylist!

Every Makeover Photoshoot at Madison Bou is completely unique. We never clock watch, you’ll never see another client waiting in line and every shoot is styled, uniquely, around you. What you wear is entirely up to you. We discuss your photoshoot well in advance and send you some preparation guides packed with ideas and inspiration.

Go on…. You deserve this. Book a Madison Bou Makeover Photoshoot and celebrate something special.

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