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purple Agent Provocateur lingerie on the windowsill. We try and play with poses as often as we can to achieve something unique with every Boudoir shoot...

...You don’t need to wear Agent Provocateur but if you have it…

We always advise you to bring the best lingerie you can afford

Whatever you decide to bring to your Madison Bou Experience, we’ll make you look amazing. Even if it’s just a white shirt and bedsheet.

Bring something wonderful though and it makes our job just that little bit easier. Companies like Agent Provocateur are great places to go to sexy up your outfits. Racy yet cool. Certainly not cheap but with some beautiful details that photograph so well.

Wendy bought most of the shop for her amazing boudoir photoshoot even down to the fabulous Agent Provocateur heels and perfume.

Agent provocateur may not be the force in the lingerie industry it once was but it’s still available easily online and worth checking out for something a little bit special. Find them online HERE

While on the subject of Agent Provocateur…

Check out their infamous and absolutely hilarious Kylie ad HERE

Another Ad that takes things right to the edge HERE

My favourite Agent Provocateur Ad HERE

The company is known for its provocative videos. A quick search on Youtube will show some more of their provocative work. Kate Moss, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Daisy Lowe are featured and I’m sure you’ll recognise more faces as well.

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