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Time for a luxury boudoir photoshoot experience

‘Luxury boudoir photography’ is what we specialise in at Madison Bou Photography– stylish and elegant and set in the classy and historic surroundings of the stunning Hazlewood Castle on the outskirts of Leeds. Every photoshoot is totally bespoke and styled entirely around you. We use the elegant rooms and suites of the castle with open fires and four posters. We have a purpose build studio in the courtyard and of course we sometimes use the grounds as well. Hazlewood really is a beautiful, self contained ‘wood’.

You’ll never see another client. We schedule a maximum of two photoshoots a day, at 10am and at 4pm

We certainly don’t do ‘conveyor belt’ boudoir ike so many studios. We don’t work to a formula but let each shoot evolve naturally so that the images reflect you and what you want your photoshoot to be. Every woman is different, every woman is unique and we truly believe that every woman is beautiful.

We don’t clock watch and always take the time to make you feel completely relaxed.

Most of the women who come to us are strong, independent women who want a photo shoot at a significant time in their lives. Maybe a significant birthday or Anniversary. Maybe as a gift to someone special or as a gift to themselves.

Many of our clients love designer brands and take time to put their wardrobe together with care.

These experiences are hugely empowering and will do incredible things for your confidence and self-esteem.

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