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Boudoir Tips • Shoes …. Bring them!

If there’s one accessory that can lift a boudoir session to another level it’s shoes. High heels in particular.

They make you look amazing when you stand up and your legs look longer and thinner and more ‘leggy’ in almost every position. You knew that anyway right?

Never mind the blisters, the bunions and the occasional stumble, they really do make you look amazing.

Heels not only make you look taller, they also make your calves look slimmer. You stand very differently in heels to how you stand flat footed. Even if your feet are out of shot, you will almost certainly get a more flattering look standing in heels than without.

When you wear heels, your posture naturally changes. Your bottom tightens and your back and shoulders straighten and your chest pushes out. Now who wouldn’t want that in a boudoir style photoshoot?

Heels also lengthen your legs, making you look proportionally thinner by comparison.

Women can get a lot of power from wearing heels. Maybe it’s the stance or the extra height that builds confidence, but confidence building they are.

Many of our clients bring shoes they can’t really walk in. That’s okay! Bring the craziest, highest heels you want – we’ll position you in a pose and have you stand there, no walking required!

One other big tip… Please be sure to remove the tags from the bottom of your shoes and keep the soles as clean as possible. (Red Louboutins can be repaired in photoshop but it’s a tedious task)

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