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No woman is perfect. Even the most genetically gifted have something they wish they could change or hide about their bodies. The idea behind hiring a professional artist to create your boudoir images is to mask the characteristics you’d rather not share with the world while showing off your very best features. That is our art, and what we strive for in every single photograph we take.

Accessories for boudoir can really help with your confidence as well as add a certain uniqueness to your pictures. Rather than be totally exposed in lingerie, carefully positioned fans or boas can help cover up the areas you don’t like about your body and also provide a ‘peek a boo’ feel to the pictures. Yet accessories do a lot more than provide a hiding place…

Whether it’s your engagement ring, a vintage parasol, a sparkly necklace, those favourite sunglasses, a brightly coloured scarf or a sheer lace wrap, accessories can add personality and interest to your photos.

Bursts of colour can add pop to your images, while natural-toned accessories are more subtle and quiet. Hats are also a wonderful way to add character.

Oh, and did we say more SHOES?! Shoes are truly an integral part of your images – they set a mood, express your personality, and can add touches of sexy, classy, or cute! Boots, flats, heels, stilettos – we love them all. We recommend bringing multiple pairs of shoes (heels and stilettos are always a favourite) to experiment with what works best with your outfit

Remember, when it comes to accessories for boudoir, it’s always better to have too much than too little, so bring as much as you can to your Madison Bou Photoshoot Experience.

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