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We tell clients this a lot but what exactly do we mean by this?

Well, in the same way that you praise your children when they achieve something, no matter how small, praising them helps build their self esteem and confidence. The same can be applied to yourself. Loving yourself is often a tricky thing to do.

We spend so much time listening to the negatives in our lives. Maybe an unsupportive partner has said ‘you’re fat’ or ‘your not as good looking as you used to be’ or people around you have destroyed your confidence in some way. Over many years of a bad relationship or permanently putting yourself second behind your children or partner, this can have a devastating effect on your sense of self worth. This is so much more common than you could imagine.

Self-love is pretty simple.

It means caring for yourself the same way you’d take care of your child, spouse, or friend. In other words, taking time to put yourself first for once. we strongly believe that if you can feel good about yourself then it will improve everything else in your life. your attitude to your partner, your children, your work, everything will improve with an improved sense of self worth.

But, just like the praise you give to the kids when they make you proud and achieve something good, its ok to gently tell them off when they make mistakes. So too, is it ok to accept your own mistakes. We are all flawed and it’s healthy to accept this.

If you want your kids to eat nutritious meals, get enough sleep, wear clean clothes and feel happy and good about themselves then it’s also sensible to want the same things for yourself.

Loving yourself simply means treating yourself with the same love and compassion you show to others. Sure, you’re not perfect, neither are your kids, but you are ‘perfectly imperfect’.

Part of the journey to increased self-esteem, we believe, is a Madison Bou experience.

See yourself as beautiful as we see you and you’ll gain confidence and self esteem you wouldn’t believe possible. It’s so empowering.

Perhaps you may feel it’s a little ‘self indulgent’ but really we see it as an investment in yourself. It’s the kind of thing that will make you feel like the real ‘you’ again. The best version of yourself. The ‘you’ that everyone around you will benefit from.


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