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What could possibly be more personal, more intimate, than a beautiful hand-made book of sensational Boudoir pictures of you looking amazing? – The perfect Valentines Day gift for you both.

What do you get the guy who has more striped ties, bottles of aftershave, and comedy coffee mugs than he knows what to do with?

How about something that shows you put a little thought into your gift this year?

Investing in something special for him will completely knock him for six. Sure, Valentine’s is the day when he brings you flowers and chocolates but if you really care about him, show him just how special he really is.

A Boudoir photoshoot takes courage and planning. You need to choose your photographer carefully to ensure you end up with the kind of pictures that show you off in the best light. You’ll need to carefully consider how to gift the pictures to him. Maybe something amazing to go on the wall above the bed or a beautifully hand crafted book of your favourites pictures which he’ll enjoy for many years. (Actually, you’ll both enjoy together for many years)

You’ll need to factor in the time it takes to get all this done so now, right at the start of January is the perfect time.

He’ll know how much thought and effort you went to when he gets his special, intimate gift. It will excite and delight him more than you can imagine. (We’ve seen it countless times)

Also remember, no matter what you think of the way you look, he thinks you look amazing!

will most certainly be an incredible experience for you, but for him it is a truly personal gift that you can enjoy together and might even spice up your love life as well.

The look on his face when he opens his gift will be priceless. it’ll be priceless. Depending on the nature of your relationship, this may be a side of you they’ve never even seen before. One things for certain though, you can bet he’ll appreciate having these stunning images to glance at whenever he likes.

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