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Photographed at the Woodlands hotel, Leeds.

Preparing for your boudoir photoshoot? You'll need some great outfits then ...

GARTER BELTS, GARTERS & THIGH HIGHS: A garter belt is worn around the waist or hips with attached garters or fasteners to hold up stockings. Sometimes garters are built into lingerie so a belt is not needed. The stockings they hold up are called thigh highs (because they pull up to the thigh).
STOCKINGS AND TIGHTS: Some stockings have rubber inside to stay up without garters and will not work with garters. Be sure to buy stockings without rubber if you plan to wear a garter. There are many options for tights that are completely sheer-to-waist and have sexy details like seams or even quotes. Honestly, tights CAN be really sexy.
SHAPE WEAR: Shape wear is a type of tight-fitting underwear intended to control and shape the figure. There are many beautiful options out there these days.
SLIP:Think of them as dresses that that are meant to be when under a dress. They are often constructed with built-in cups for support. Some slips may fit into the shape wear category, but many do not.
TEDDY: A teddy is a garment that covers the torso and pelvis one garment. It is a similar style of garment to a one-piece swimsuit or body suit but is typically more sheer and definitely sexier and always photographs well for most body types.

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