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In a word, No.

Why would it be?

You get the same amazing hair and make-up and superb styling as all the stick thin model types except we hope that by the end of your session, you’ll love your body far more than the stick thin model types.

Of course we have years of experience posing and lighting women of all shapes, skin tones and age groups and every one is unique and needs to be uniquely lit and posed but, rest assured, we have the experience to bring out the very best in you.

Simple things, like moving your shoulders, turning slightly, pushing your chin out,stepping into the light, all these things can make a world of difference. Your hips, your tummy, your upper arms, thighs and chin will all look awesome. Of course we’ll address the things you don’t like – maybe you think your nose is too flat or your mummy tummy is lacking tone or the bingo wings or surgical scars or… we all have our little insecurities and that’s why we talk through everything before the shoot begins. clever posing and smart wardrobe options, together with careful lighting and a little photoshop are all you need and this is what we provide.

Honestly, hand on heart, in our 20 years experience, those most critical of their bodies are the ‘model types’ and those who are most happy with what they have are the girls with curves.

Yet here is something strange… The number one reason why women don’t book this experience is because they want to ‘lose a few pounds first’.

Because we’re never ready.

We convince ourselves that losing a few pounds first will make our photos look better. Actually, an experienced photographer will make you look amazing however many pounds you weigh. An experienced photographer will make you look uber sexy, super glam, truly beautiful. This is what we do.

A photoshoot such as this will also empower you and boost your confidence and will do it now. Not in a few months when you’ve reached your ‘target weight’ whatever that may be.

You’ll become more confident in your own skin right now. You’ll feel liberated and you’ll change the way you see yourself.

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