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Work out your personal comfort level– One of the motivating factors for booking a boudoir photoshoot is to empower you and help raise confidence and body image and to do that often means you’ll push your own personal comfort level to the edge. A little like jumping out of a plane or looking a wasp in the eye (if you don’t like wasps). We certainly encourage pushing your boundaries but we’re very careful to not push you too far. Being a little scared or nervous is fine but really, this experience should primarily be enjoyable and fun. We’ll have a lengthy discussion with you about comfort levels. What you like about your body and what you don’t like. What you’re willing to show off and what you’re not. We are genuinely surprised how many times clients arrive shaking with fear and expecting to keep the layers of clothing on, yet after a short time, we’re the ones trying desperately to keep the clothes on these same clients as they through caution to the wind and brazenly strip off. (“think of the guests!”… we cry)

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