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BABYDOLL: A babydoll is a short sleeveless, loose-fitting nightgown. It may sometimes have formed cups creating a bra-lette for cleavage with an attached loose-fitting skirt with a length that falls between the upper thigh and belly button. It’s sheer and always photographs well and is flattering to all body types.

BODYSUIT: A close-fitting, one-piece stretch garment. Great for boudoir! They are very fashionable and widely available. These can be thicker outerwear or thinner, sheer lingerie. Both flatter and look great in photos.
BRA & KNICKER SETS: Proper fit is extremely important . Be careful with push up bras as they often make you look unnatural. Ensure the area near your armpit looks nice and smooth and that you are not falling out of the cups. Less flattering for certain body types and remember that the tummy area is always exposed.
BUSTIER: A bustier is similar to a corset in coverage, but it has cups built in that give nice breast support. They don’t usually cinch in the waist, but there are some hybrid styles out there that combine a little waist cinching and breast lifting.
CORSETS: Corsets are meant to cinch your waist and give you amazing curves. They usually have ties in the back to help create your shape. They are hard to put on, but worth it.
STANDARD CLOTHING: Clothing is a fantastic option for boudoir! It might sound odd, but think about a hot leather jacket or ripped jeans and a sexy bra. How about off the shoulder stretchy jumpers or sheer t-shirts? There are so many options for clothing that can be just as sexy, if not sexier than lingerie.

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