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Many of our clients come to us to create some special pictures to give to their husband as a birthday or anniversary gift. A wedding Day gift is another reason why women have a boudoir shoot with us. Some have a boudoir shoot done secretly, so the end result is a total surprise. Sometimes the husband is ushered into the viewing to see all the pictures and create a ‘Wow’ moment he’ll remember forever.

Some husbands are so supportive that they become the driving force behind the boudoir shoot itself, encouraging their wives to book and wanting a beautiful book of pictures of the most beautiful woman of their dreams to keep and enjoy forever.

This can be a nervous time, leading up to the shoot but the excitement of creating something for the both of you to enjoy makes it that much more rewarding.

We’ve done this so many times before that we have become highly skilled at relaxing you and calming your nerves in front of the camera. We style you and pose you to perfection. You’ll absolutely look amazing. It’s our promise and we always deliver. You’ll be in a safe and comfortable environment at Hazlewood Castle and your husband can even accompany you on the shoot if you wish.

It’s also the perfect excuse, leading up to your Madison Bou Boudoir shoot to go out and shop for some amazing lingerie. Take your man with you to include him in every step of the process.

Book a boudoir shoot for you and of course book a boudoir shoot for your husband. He will adore the results…

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