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Tip : Pluck it and wax it early! Avoid Spray Tans!

Boudoir Tips – We get asked so often in the run up to a boudoir style photoshoot about waxing and tanning. Do we recommend it and when should you do it?

OK, firstly, if you have a set routine, stick to it. A Boudoir photoshoot is something you should feel as comfortable as possible doing.

If it’s not normally part of your routine then waxing should be done at least a week ahead of your session in case you develop any reaction. Shaving is normally fine as well but keep in mind that rash under the arms is difficult to photoshop.

A much bigger issue when considering your preparation for a boudoir photoshoot is self tanning. Doing it yourself is something we never recommend. We’ve lost count of the times clients come to us with uneven, un-natural self tans. Palms and soles a complete mess. The colour, an odd shade of orange which is difficult if not impossible to fix in photoshop.

Perhaps you hate feeling ‘pale’ and prefer the sun kissed look and that’s fine but please try to resist the urge to add bottle tan yourself. I promise you, your natural skin tone is always better for your boudoir session. ALWAYS.

Did I say that clearly enough? Please don’t D.I.Y …. It’s so much easier to add ‘tan’ in photoshop than try and correct an odd shade of orange.

A light complexion will photograph perfectly well. In fact, it normally looks so much better than a light skin tone that’s been spray tanned.

Of course, if you’re lucky to have had a recent holiday and come back with that all over golden tan from the beach, then that’s just fine. Your skin will not look like a fake shade of orange, but a darker shade of your skin tone. Just be sure not to burn. Blotchy red isn’t a good look.

Natural skin is honestly the most beautiful skin for boudoir sessions.

In short…. freshly moisturised, clean exfoliated skin after lots of sleep and lots of water… This is the perfect skin for a boudoir photoshoot.

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