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Once you’ve decided on a boudoir style photoshoot, you should start planning ahead.

Spend a little time to really think about the style of pictures you’d like. Maybe spend a little time searching Pinterest and gather ideas together on your own board. (Let us see your ideas of course. It’s a genuine collaboration to ensure you get what you want)

What clothes will you be bringing?

Do thy fit or do you need to purchase some more?

How would you like your hair and make-up to look?


• If your hair is coloured, it’s a good idea to have this done relatively close to the shoot, to avoid dark roots or re-growth.

• We prefer no fake tan but if your are considering tan then try and keep it subtle. Please don’t worry about pal skin. In fact, pale skin is far easier to photograph.

• If you have your nails done professionally, again make sure they have been done recently, to avoid regrowth or damage. If not, a smart dark coloured nail varnish is a great option, and better than bare nails.

• Close to the shoot, avoid wearing clothing or accessories which will leave marks, such as socks, watches or tight straps

• Shave or wax legs and armpits and any other body hair that you don’t want to be seen

• If your ears are pierced, it’s a good idea to have something in them – even a small stud.


• Please don’t wash your hair on the morning of the shoot – freshly washed hair is much harder to style. The day before is fine.

• Try not to put any products on your hair, or straighten it, as this will affect how long the stye lasts

• Bring clip-in hair extensions if you wish (real ones are best) and we can incorporate them into the style.

• Please arrive without make-up on. I know this is the hardest thing to do for so many so if you really really need makeup, tell us and we’ll allow time so that we can take it off when you arrive.


Don’t worry about scars, cellulite. blotches, bruises, stretch marks, rough skin or any other body blemishes. We all have them (even super models) and they can all be removed by photoshop retouching.

You’ll never see anything you don’t want to in the final images – I can even edit out tattoos if you’d like me to.

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