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Need help planning your boudoir session? We’re here to help with these tips on incorporating your partner’s interests if you’re looking to create a truly personalised and super special gift that he’ll remember forever.

A boudoir photoshoot is commonly booked these days as a bridal gift for the groom and presented on the morning of the wedding day. It’s the perfect way to get him super excited and show him that you really care. He’ll know just how much effort you put into choosing outfits and creating a stunning hand made book of images that will be enjoyed for decades to come. It says so much more than a watch or something that can be purchased over the counter. It’s unique, just like you.

You can customise the photoshoot with accessories for your wedding. The veil, bouquet, dress, shoes, bridal lingerie, perfume bottle etc. These are items typically brought along to a bridal boudoir session.

Of course, booking a boudoir session as a gift doesn’t just have to be for a wedding day.

You could give your partner amazing images of you for an anniversary, birthday or just as a way of saying “I love you”

Remember though, regardless of whether you want this session as a gift, the experience itself (and the resulting images) will really be for you. It will give you amazing empowerment and confidence. You’ll look back on these pictures for many years and they’ll make you feel fabulous each time. That’s the power of a boudoir session.

So… create images you’d like first and foremost, but if you want this as a gift, then consider what your partner would love…

What does he love about you – Think about the things he loves – his favourite part of your body. Maybe he loves your playful personality, or how you are shy, sweet, etc. Let’s create some images that feature this in your session. Does he love it when you walk around in his clothes? Bring some along for an added personal touch.

Work – If he loves his job, try to include that in your session. Uniforms are always a winner. If he’s a doctor, try a nurse outfit or lab coat. (The real thing is better than a cheap fancy dress shop purchase) If he’s a firefighter – borrow his helmet and boots. How about sexy secretary or maybe even just wearing his white shirt and tie. (Maybe even his suit jacket as well. Super sexy)

Sports – If your man loves sports, bring some sports gear with you. For example, you could wear a shirt from his favourite team, or bring a ball, bat, etc. Trust us when we say, you wearing just that sports shirt, is one of the sexiest things you can wear.

Fantasy – Does your partner have a fantasy? Surprise him by dressing up for your session.

Hobbies – What does he do for fun? Does he play an instrument, read books, DIY? Bring along items from his hobbies. It’s not easy bring his Harley Davidson without him knowing (Though you could try) but the leathers and helmet would be fine.

If you need help coming up with a theme for your session that will surprise and delight him then contact us and we will brainstorm with you.

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