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York boudoir photographers - arched back

What’s your story?

Many clients tell us their stories beforehand.

These stories may be about being in a long term, abusive relationship or long term health problems.

They may be stories of self neglect and weight gain.

Many clients come to us not liking the way they look at all… Gaining weight after childbirth is a biggie, as is, feeling like a third class citizen in their own home because they’ve been putting children and husband first.

There are so many reasons why people lose their self confidence over the years and one of the best ways to regain some of that back is to step out of your comfort zone and do something like this.

Looking at the finished pictures during the viewing session and seeing just how beautiful you really are can be a defining moment for so many people. It can be literally life changing for some.

This is the most emotional and exciting part of your whole journey.

Every single client falls in love with their photos and this is when you can decide what photos you love the most and want to purchase.

We know from experience that after spending the day with Madison Bou Photography, you will walk out feeling radiant and more confident and sexy, no matter what your story is. That’s our guarantee.

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